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Um, happy new year? LOL. It's really been too long since I blogged, I've been so busy, tired and lazy lately. This year feels like it's gone by so quickly now that I think about it, we're already halfway through January?! I think if I had to outline what has happened so far in 2013: went to Nicholas' for new year's sleepover, went to Jamie's Italian with the boyfriend, sister and sister's friend (it was only okay, lol), went to parties "to celebrate absolutely nothing", went to my last SYC camp (tha best), went to work heaps more (I've gotten more tutoring jobs and been rostered more often, woo!) and had heaps of bubble baths. It really doesn't sound like much, but I don't know how I'm always so tired at the end of each day, and not at home more often than I am. I don't know if I'm even making sense anymore. Yesterday we had a party to celebrate getting our uni offers and to farewell Allen Lo, who's leaving next week to join the army. Even though right now and for this year, things have been going really well (i.e. I make money for myself, I've made new friends, I've improved my social skills, I got offered/accepted into my dreeem course even when the cut-off got raised, wateva wateva wateva) Idk why I feel so dead right now. Oh yeah, I really spoilt myself this week and bought myself the original Chloe perfume. Oh well, hopefully this year I become more dedicated to this blog.

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Another post with just crappy iPhone photos, but can I just say that this past week has been one of the best weeks of the year? Since exactly last Friday, both me and Nick have gotten jobs (I work at Moochi Bankstown, guys please visit me if you're in the area!) + my tutor lesson was significantly better than last week's + I had heaps of fun at the final week of senior Access where we just had pizza and played board games + I finally asked Commonwealth Bank for a debit card (since I lost mine ages ago) + stayed up till 4am making my friend's birthday card for her 18th, and we celebrated with a yumcha brunch, then dinner and karaoke in the city (and got kicked out... LOL) + at my 9 hour shift the next morning I met heaps of great people and when I took my break, I was met with an influx of messages congratulating me for being an all-rounder for my HSC results + the morning after that/yesterday I got my ATAR and am proud to say that I've made it to my dream course + me and Nick celebrated his 21st in the city with Oiden for lunch (pictured above, and I would NOT recommend their green milk tea there but everything else, especially that curry, was amazing), shopping for chinos at Topman, dinner at Hurricanes, watching Miss Universe in our hotel room and having Ippudo for brunch (today), and while I was in the city, helped my brother out with some last minute Christmas shopping.

Basically: I love my life right now.


Outfit | 121212

I don't understand how this keeps happening to me, but once again I've been living with what feels like <$10 for the past few days and won't really be getting any money soon. Kind of. Okay actually I'm getting paid tomorrow, but honestly all I did was buy a new cleanser from Lush (because I was legitimately out of cleanser) and gel eyeliner (because my Dolly Wink had dried out so, so badly and every morning was bloody infuriating) and so now, every time I want to go out all I can afford is a train/bus ticket and maybe food. LOL. Anyway, this outfit is what I've worn for like 3 bloody times in a row since I've somehow lost all of my clothes and had to throw something together to tutor, go to dinner and to go shopping. I don't think I've worn a button up or a floral in what feels like yearzZZzz but I'm kinda glad I dug this top up.. I thrifted it ages ago and wore it like twice, and was going to sell it. I love the colours on it though! I bought the boxy clutch/bag for formal this year and I've been wearing it out heaps recently cos it's so convenient to chuck everything into cos it has slots for cards and stuff. And I love the little gold edge it has!

A couple days ago it was 12/12/12, and so me and Nick spontaneously decided to go to the city for dinner and to chill. We had intended to go to Ipudo, a relatively new Japanese restaurant in Westfield Sydney, except we got there too late and it was closed, so instead we walked to Sushi Hotaru but got there 15 minutes after closing. I was desperately craving a Happy Meal LOL, but Nick refused to go to the city for a McDonald's dinner, and we ended up going to Mappen/Oiden. I ordered the hashed beef curry with cheese and holy, it has been too long since I've had restaurant-style Japanese curry, it was soooo good. So much better than the Japanese 'Golden Curry' I keep making LOL. After eating, we went to Norita for a drink and ended up playing Guess Who, where I lost heaps of times against Nick, but after discovering his secrets then I beat him too. I ordered a iced green milk tea (again, heh) and Nick got a strawberry milk shake. The girl working there didn't add any sugar to my drink and when I asked for more sugar, I don't think she added any and just changed the scoop of vanilla ice cream to green tea. LOL. Either way, my drink was fine after I mixed the ice cream in. ^__^ We were then meant to meet up with my friends who had gone karaoke in Chinatown, so me and Nick took a long detour to Chinatown and walked through Darling Harbour instead LOL COS I LOVE THE PLAYGROUND THERE. The playground is so different at night -- while during the day, the place is filleeeddd with kids and parents, it's a lot quieter at night and the only people who are playing there are just teens/young adults. I made two short vlogs on my phone while we were there, and in one of them you can faintly hear Nick pretending to order a bowl of bun bo hue in Vietnamese, cos I think some of his fishing buddies taught him how to say it. LOL. (Fast forward to 0:14 to avoid my embarrassing voice... please.) After the playground we walked back to Town Hall to meet up with my friends, but then we pretty much went home right after that to catch the last train home LOL. Overall, a fun day! Glad I spent 12/12/12 doing something spontaneous as opposed to staying at home and trying to figure out which movie to watch for the rest of the night to kill time. Oh, and my grandma and aunties went home to America/Vietnam today! The house feels so empty. Anyway, enjoy the holidays everyone! ^__^


Wishlist | Christmas

Untitled #9

I feel terrible because I haven't been blogging consistently. Since coming home from beach house, I've been pretty poor and haven't really gone out properly - the best thing I did was probably go to my friend's house for a sleepover a few days ago, where we literally talked, ate and Facebook/Instagram stalked hot people. *___* I've finally gone back to youth group after a year of dogging it, and I've finally applied for jobs, gone to interviews and have job trials, i.e. I actually have things to do, instead of just sitting at home contemplating whether it's a good time to take a nap or not. My grandma and aunties from America/Vietnam arrived in Australia a few days ago and will be staying over at our place for a while. My grandma is so cute! LOL.

Anyway, Christmas is just around the corner and now that I finally have the chance to make money for myself, I whipped up a collage of all the things I would be able to finally afford LOL. Funnily enough though, the list of things I really really want can be narrowed down to: underwear/lingerie, new Lush cleansers, dumbbells and perfume. Since December started I've been trying to be more consistent with my working out and exercising (which is going not too bad), and I've been trying to eat cleaner (which has been going kinda bad). Oh, and I need to go to Ikea soon! I want to redecorate my room and get new shit. Oh! And I've finally set up a Tumblr shop to sell all my old clothes!! Please check it out (linked below)! ^___^

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Post HSC

It feels like a million years since I finished the HSC but I think it's been less than a month. I've already spent all of my money (don't even know how...) so I don't know what I'm supposed to do now, except for look for a job. :( Since HSC finished, everything has been a complete blur, but judging from the photos I found on my phone (enjoy the shitty iPhone quality), then I remember that: the same day HSC finished, we rented a hotel apartment for 2 days and just drank, played cards, shopped and went Blowout (where I met a girl who said she read my blog -- thank you! And sorry I was so awkward LOL); I went to Glebe markets with my sister but didn't really find too much; spontaneously decided to go swimming at Olympic Park with Nick, then went to Norita to chill, Hurricanes for dinner (we shared a full rack of ribs, ordered the salt and pepper squid and two loaves of their herb bread) and Adriano Zumbo's dessert train for dinner (toasted ice cream sandwiches that I, surprisingly, thought were too sweet but Nick really enjoyed); went to school to return the 30 textbooks/books/shit I owed them, where I found the one of the kittens that live near the English cottage just sitting on their door mat... That's all I really remember.
Today we came back from our schoolies/beach house holiday at Patonga, and I'm already bored out of my mind. I don't even know how we managed to spend 4 days just playing Uno, bullshit and pool, eating sausages and bread for lunch and just playing drunk truth or dare and spin the bottle and dumb shit like that LOL. On the first day, we went exploring and on the way back, a fucking rock fell and hit me right on the head, and I bled so much so quickly (I could actually feel the blood trickling down my head and onto my forehead, how gross) and the graze or cut or whatever it is on my head was only like a centimetre long. The beach was fun though, cos we went exploring and we tried to catch the crabs that were hiding in the rocks, and we went to the beach at night and just sang/shouted songs and sat by the pier afterwards with the guys who went fishing. They were an insane 4 days, and even though I was sad at first because I was using the money I'd saved from CNY/my birthday this year to get a piercing, fuck that I'm so glad I went. NO REGRETZZZZZ. Otherwise I would've missed out seeing Andy drunk LOL.

I don't even know how I'm going to spend the rest of these 4 months, especially since I'm not even going overseas.
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Beauty post I

To take a break from "intensive studying", I've decided to try and quickly whip up a quick and my first ~~beauty post~~ instead of watching Scrubs. It's a little over a week until the first HSC exam, so really I should be shitting bricks since I haven't sufficiently prepared for any of my exams (literally none!) and I'm starting to question or not I should try to find a course more achieveable (I literally have only 3 UAC preferences right now..) or just try and work really hard to make sure I get the course I want. :|

I'd wanted to do a beauty review post whatever for ages now, but keep in mind that I haven't had a haircut in more than a year so everything I say about hair products right now can be pretty much ignored.. LOL

Lush Daddy-O shampoo
I remember when I went to Lush that day, I didn't really want to spend too much and I had only intended to go there to buy only one particular product that I'd done read reviews on, but when I went to there store, the Lushie there convinced me otherwise and I ended up getting 2 of only the 100mL bottles of Daddy-O and American Dream so I wouldn't feel so bad about spending more than I'd wanted. I was told that Daddy-O would make my hair heaps shiny, which is why I bought it. First thing is that after using it for maybe a month or so, I haven't seen any differences (but yes, my hair is really dead so .. lol). Second thing, is that Daddy-O seriously smells amazing (like lavender), and I feel so sad that I've used this shampoo so much that I've gotten used to it and don't really smell it anymore. If that makes sense. I didn't think I'd like the smell of a lavender shampoo but really, this is so so so so nice. The consistency of this is really thin compared to all the other shampoos I've used, so I felt like I had to use a lot. It also didn't lather very well in my hair. I don't know if that still means it's cleaning my hair or not, because lather doesn't necessarily equate to cleaning ability (oOOooOo chemistry), but I'd be under the impression that because it's a consumer product then it would lather a lot? my hair doesn't get very greasy either, but I've read other reviews where Daddy-O didn't lather much for them either. Whether I'd buy this again is.. I'd probably not, but if I got a haircut and chopped off like the last 15cm of my hair then maybe I would.

Lush American Cream conditioner 
I remember the Lushie told me that this was deeply hydrating/moisturising for your hair, so in attempt to fix up the shitty state of my hair I bought it. It also smells really good, like vanilla. Using this in conjunction with Daddy-O smells so good. LOL. Anyway, like Daddy-O it's also really thin compared to the other conditioners I've previously used. It also didn't really do much for my hair. I also used this bottle up heeeeaps quickly.. I've almost finished it, so I've started using it less. Don't think I'd rebuy it unless I got a haircut and wanted to try it again.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin cleanser
I remember the first time I ever used this cleanser, I hadn't read the instructions or anything and had no idea how to use it. I'd borrowed it from my friend cos I had been in the rush in the morning and my face felt insanely oily and disgusting, so I tried using it in the local library and it was the worst. And my face didn't feel any better. LOL. Anyway, after purchasing it for myself and watching a Youtube video of how people used it, then I have come to love this cleanser! It's really gentle, so tbh I use my exfoliator before it and then I cleanse using this. It also smells like lavender, but more subtle kinda. Some of my friends have said it's messy, and I agree, but it leaves my skin feeling a lot smoother. I haven't really had a breakout in a long time (i.e. before I started using this cleanser), so whether or not it's like effective against pimples/etc then I can't really comment. I'd recommend it, but I'd keep in mind that it's only a gentle cleanser with only a bit of exfoliation. So whether you could expect this to be like a miracle cure that prevented breakouts and made your skin smooth by using this on it's own then yeah Idk if it would. Oh, and when you actually buy the product it's drier than what it looks like in the photo... cos I left it in the shower and water has slowly crept into it over time, so it's a lot more pasty. But when you use it, then you add water to make it into a paste anwyay. I hope it doesn't expire faster since I've gotten water in it, though. :(

Lush Retread hair conditioner
I bought this after realising that American Cream did nothing much for me. Pretty much bought this just cos I was feeling too rich. It made my hair a bit softer the first few times using it, but after that nothing else has changed and I've just come to the conclusion (for the 11349823985th time) that I should just get a haircut and say goodbye to the longest my hair has ever been. Has a pretty thin consistency. Smells not as nice as the other hair products but that's not saying it smells bad, and it's very creamy. I felt like I had to use heaps on my hair as well but I've had to control myself, contrary to what the label on the tub says. The Lushie told me that this was double as moisturising as American Cream, and that this is the most intensive moisturing conditioner that they have. I think I'm going to save this until after I get a haircut. Which is probably soon (i.e. before the end of the year, hah..). Oh, and the Lushie told me this was good against split ends! I thought the only good thing against split ends was to just get a haircut, this did nothing for my split ends, LOL.

Sally Hansen Airbrush legs in Medium glow
I'd never really been one to go tanning and stuff like that, the only memories of me tanning is when I used to go swimming heaps and I used to have a crazy swimsuit tan, like there was a racer-back tan lines and circle-shaped block of tan (okay this is pretty bad describing) on my back cos my swimsuit had a cut-out circle in the back, and was racerback. Anyway, I'd always seen this product but never considered buying them ever cos I'd never really been after a tan. But when I had decided to wear a short, nude dress at formal, I had to find something that wouldn't make me look so washed out, and I remembered that before year 10 formal (during lifesaving week), back when Ms Fox was still at school, we were all talking about formal and she suggested this product. I was surprised that I even remembered this considering it was around 2 years ago and I never thought I was going to ever need to know this, but I quickly looked up reviews on this and like what everyone else has been saying, I LOVE this product! When I first mentioned "spray-tanning" on Twitter, I copped heaps of shit and everyone said I was going to look orange. Well f u all, can I say that this product gives a really natural, healthy looking glow. I bought it in medium (2nd out of 4 shades). I think most people (i.e. Asians LOL) I know would be a medium? Application is not streaky, but I like to apply moisturiser with the spray tan so it kind of "dilutes" the tan and helps it spread easier. The colour is buidable, and since it's essentially "make up for your legs", then it has a tiny bit of coverage so some small scars are less noticeable. Comes off easily in the shower with soap and water, doesn't transfer, doesn't leave your legs feeling gross or sticky or anything. I'd highly recommend it, especially with summer coming up! It's kind of pricey (I got it for $27 ugh) but it's worth it cos they're all around that price.. and it's tanning without your skin cells in trauma, yay! LOL. Oh, and one of the main reasons apart from wanting to tan my legs was to cover up my terrible sock/boots tan! Got rid of it completely. I WOULD post photos of before and after, except I don't really want just some photos of my legs on my blog just like that, and I was going to link a photo but I haven't had the time to use it and etc. But really, I would recommend it!

Koji Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in Deep Black 
Had high expectations for this product and I've read heaps of mixed reviews about it. Since I'm always so rushed in the morning, I always do my make-up (for school...) on the bus. I've always been a liquid eyeliner kinda person cos I like how it's so dark and you can get sharp lines and stuff. Bought it for $18 on eBay. First thing is that it takes some time getting used to since the tip is so fine and the eyeliner dries pretty quickly, so any mistakes from when the bus jolted more than I'd expected = okay, looks like I'll have to go for heavier eyeliner today lol. It has pretty good lasting ability, a very dark black, good flow of eyeliner but at times I've found that it dries out really quickly just having the cap off while applying my eyeliner. The tip is very verryy fine so it gets really sharp lines, which is something I really like about it. A lot of people say the packaging is really cute, I think it looks a bit gay cos it's freakin baby pink with purple polka dots on it LOL but I don't mind. It's not waterproof, but it's water resistant. I also find that removing it is easy with soap and water, but it removes itself kind of different to other liquid eyeliners I've used. While other eyeliners would (I guess) "bleed" off if I applied water, then this one doesn't exactly "bleed" and "run" off, which SOMETIMES makes it hard to get it all off but it's not what I would call hard to take off. Whether it's worth the $18 I paid for is another question, since I've heard some people say it dries out quickly. Not sure if I would buy it again, tbh I think I would try out some other, cheaper products (I was tempted to get MaxFactor's Glide and Define liquid eyeliner.. but now that I look at it, the pen is so small). Oh, and another thing I like about this eyeliner is how it's a pen liquid eyeliner, whereas the ones I'd previously used were the ones with an pen thing and a little pot of liquid eyeliner. Dolly Wink is around the same shape and size as any other pen you would use, maybe a little shorter. It fits perfectly diagonally across in my American Apparel leather coin purse, too, heh.

And that's all the products I'll review today. In other news, my iPhone 5 came!! It was a pretty spontaneous decision to upgrade from my shitty HTC (I always knew I would, but I didn't think NOW, heh) and I loooove this phone! Can't really compare it to the iPhone 4 since I never had one, but me and my friend were doing a comparison to see whether it really was faster and yes it is. Anyway, I think this will be my last post until the end of the HSC (which is in exactly one month). Enjoy the cute little puppy wallpaper and for those in year 12, best of luck studying! I leave you with a quote that should pretty much run my life:

"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming" -- John Wooden