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Another post with just crappy iPhone photos, but can I just say that this past week has been one of the best weeks of the year? Since exactly last Friday, both me and Nick have gotten jobs (I work at Moochi Bankstown, guys please visit me if you're in the area!) + my tutor lesson was significantly better than last week's + I had heaps of fun at the final week of senior Access where we just had pizza and played board games + I finally asked Commonwealth Bank for a debit card (since I lost mine ages ago) + stayed up till 4am making my friend's birthday card for her 18th, and we celebrated with a yumcha brunch, then dinner and karaoke in the city (and got kicked out... LOL) + at my 9 hour shift the next morning I met heaps of great people and when I took my break, I was met with an influx of messages congratulating me for being an all-rounder for my HSC results + the morning after that/yesterday I got my ATAR and am proud to say that I've made it to my dream course + me and Nick celebrated his 21st in the city with Oiden for lunch (pictured above, and I would NOT recommend their green milk tea there but everything else, especially that curry, was amazing), shopping for chinos at Topman, dinner at Hurricanes, watching Miss Universe in our hotel room and having Ippudo for brunch (today), and while I was in the city, helped my brother out with some last minute Christmas shopping.

Basically: I love my life right now.

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fizzy said...

Sounds like a fun filled week! Enjoy post HSC life :)