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Um, happy new year? LOL. It's really been too long since I blogged, I've been so busy, tired and lazy lately. This year feels like it's gone by so quickly now that I think about it, we're already halfway through January?! I think if I had to outline what has happened so far in 2013: went to Nicholas' for new year's sleepover, went to Jamie's Italian with the boyfriend, sister and sister's friend (it was only okay, lol), went to parties "to celebrate absolutely nothing", went to my last SYC camp (tha best), went to work heaps more (I've gotten more tutoring jobs and been rostered more often, woo!) and had heaps of bubble baths. It really doesn't sound like much, but I don't know how I'm always so tired at the end of each day, and not at home more often than I am. I don't know if I'm even making sense anymore. Yesterday we had a party to celebrate getting our uni offers and to farewell Allen Lo, who's leaving next week to join the army. Even though right now and for this year, things have been going really well (i.e. I make money for myself, I've made new friends, I've improved my social skills, I got offered/accepted into my dreeem course even when the cut-off got raised, wateva wateva wateva) Idk why I feel so dead right now. Oh yeah, I really spoilt myself this week and bought myself the original Chloe perfume. Oh well, hopefully this year I become more dedicated to this blog.

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