Outfit | 121212

I don't understand how this keeps happening to me, but once again I've been living with what feels like <$10 for the past few days and won't really be getting any money soon. Kind of. Okay actually I'm getting paid tomorrow, but honestly all I did was buy a new cleanser from Lush (because I was legitimately out of cleanser) and gel eyeliner (because my Dolly Wink had dried out so, so badly and every morning was bloody infuriating) and so now, every time I want to go out all I can afford is a train/bus ticket and maybe food. LOL. Anyway, this outfit is what I've worn for like 3 bloody times in a row since I've somehow lost all of my clothes and had to throw something together to tutor, go to dinner and to go shopping. I don't think I've worn a button up or a floral in what feels like yearzZZzz but I'm kinda glad I dug this top up.. I thrifted it ages ago and wore it like twice, and was going to sell it. I love the colours on it though! I bought the boxy clutch/bag for formal this year and I've been wearing it out heaps recently cos it's so convenient to chuck everything into cos it has slots for cards and stuff. And I love the little gold edge it has!

A couple days ago it was 12/12/12, and so me and Nick spontaneously decided to go to the city for dinner and to chill. We had intended to go to Ipudo, a relatively new Japanese restaurant in Westfield Sydney, except we got there too late and it was closed, so instead we walked to Sushi Hotaru but got there 15 minutes after closing. I was desperately craving a Happy Meal LOL, but Nick refused to go to the city for a McDonald's dinner, and we ended up going to Mappen/Oiden. I ordered the hashed beef curry with cheese and holy, it has been too long since I've had restaurant-style Japanese curry, it was soooo good. So much better than the Japanese 'Golden Curry' I keep making LOL. After eating, we went to Norita for a drink and ended up playing Guess Who, where I lost heaps of times against Nick, but after discovering his secrets then I beat him too. I ordered a iced green milk tea (again, heh) and Nick got a strawberry milk shake. The girl working there didn't add any sugar to my drink and when I asked for more sugar, I don't think she added any and just changed the scoop of vanilla ice cream to green tea. LOL. Either way, my drink was fine after I mixed the ice cream in. ^__^ We were then meant to meet up with my friends who had gone karaoke in Chinatown, so me and Nick took a long detour to Chinatown and walked through Darling Harbour instead LOL COS I LOVE THE PLAYGROUND THERE. The playground is so different at night -- while during the day, the place is filleeeddd with kids and parents, it's a lot quieter at night and the only people who are playing there are just teens/young adults. I made two short vlogs on my phone while we were there, and in one of them you can faintly hear Nick pretending to order a bowl of bun bo hue in Vietnamese, cos I think some of his fishing buddies taught him how to say it. LOL. (Fast forward to 0:14 to avoid my embarrassing voice... please.) After the playground we walked back to Town Hall to meet up with my friends, but then we pretty much went home right after that to catch the last train home LOL. Overall, a fun day! Glad I spent 12/12/12 doing something spontaneous as opposed to staying at home and trying to figure out which movie to watch for the rest of the night to kill time. Oh, and my grandma and aunties went home to America/Vietnam today! The house feels so empty. Anyway, enjoy the holidays everyone! ^__^

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