American Apparel Gg shirt, Rubi boots, printed birthday socks from my brother

Bought these shoes just yesterday and I am (very close to) in looooove. I've wanted boots like this for ages now, black, with the block heel, oddly velvet like but not really velvet and with a good platform. I don't know why, but I could imagine myself walking through snowy roads, wearing these boots. Even though we don't even get snow in Australia. :( Anyway, these shoes that I actually bought don't really have that high a platform, which makes it look proportionally weird to me.. or maybe that's just me. But really, these should be okay, because every time I wear heels with huge platforms, I always feel like a stick with overly long, skinny legs. So I guess these are okay, I actually really can't wait to wear them out. :D And these socks, omg. I LOVE THEM. Especially the nude ones with aztec print. My brother bought them for me for my birthday, which is probably the safest and easiest present someone could've bought me. There are a few pairs on Topshop that I really want.. they're all so cute, I can't wait for Topshop to open in Sydney!!

Truth: Me + shopping = laziness + no money + contemplating whether or not to actually buy an item

Every time I have to get changed to go out, I always throw together a combination of mine, my brother and my sister's clothes because I'm sick of all my clothes, while making a mental note to myself to go shopping. Then when I actually browse online, I scroll through pages and pages and don't find anything I really really like. Then the next time I go out, I get annoyed and wish I had actually bought the item. I probably don't make any sense anymore, but the TL;DR here is that I need to go shopping. :(

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