Scrabble at the library with Mac Field and Hurlstone friends, cat wearing a friendship bracelet, ham and cheese croissant with tea for breakfast, OOTD when I went out to Sushi Hotaru with Nick, Krispy Kreme run with Steph and Nick, caramel sundae run with Nick, our loot from Red Shield Appeal (with Vincent, Kelvin and Simon), new NYX blush, I learnt how to do a sock bun, Kleenex tissues from Vivian, 5 small fries and 20 McBites for movie night, afternoon study with freshly squeezed orange juice and my cat, birthday roses from Nick and birthday cake by Vivian

HOLLAAA look who forgot they had a blog again. I didn't realise it'd been so long since I'd blogged till I looked through my CF card and realised how long ago the photos on it were taken, and how all my photos look like absolute shit, LOL. Since last time, I've gone through 4 assessment tasks with 2-3 more, depending on how you want to count it, but I've got ages till the next one and thought I'd just want to chill till like a week before then. It's been so long, so I thought it'd be a good time for a shitty Instagram post of photos I've accumulated since the last holidays.

So on the 31st May, who didn't end up going to school and went out for a 15 minute massage and yumcha for lunch? LOL. I got sick during my birthday week and consequentially wasn't at school for 3/5 school days straight, meaning I missed out on my chemistry assessment and absent on my birthday. Cutest thing ever though, when I got a video of my chemistry joint-class singing happy birthday to me! So so cute!!

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened in the past month or so - our group at school all chipped in for an $8 kettle from K-Mart, meaning we can all cook instant noodles and make instant soup, tea and hot chocolate at lunch and recess, yay!! Best $8 ever spent. For those wondering, then we leave our kettle in a locker (with a combination lock, so no need for a key) at school, and we've even bought a party pack of plastic forks and a few cups for when our noodles don't come with forks. LOL. See us all bringing in our Dosirac, Nong Shim shin ramyun and MAMA tom yum cup noodles every day, yay for year 12!!

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