Hello Crinitis

Crinitis' blackboard menu with huge jars of Nutella, assorted bruschetta, antipasto, mussels cooked in garlic, chilli, olive oil and shallots with crusty olive oil bread, marinara pizza (prawns, mussels and clams), 1kg pork ribs with chips, rocket, pumpkin, beetroot and goats cheese salad, risotto marinara, creme brulee with berries and almond bread 

Had my birthday dinner at Crinitis with the family plus Nick. It was a nice night, even though it was raining. Crinitis has good service, and the waiters and waitresses would even get some drums and tambourines and sing happy birthday to customers while they took the birthday cake out, so cute! The camera my dad brought (which took almost all of these photos) has somehow made everyone have insanely perfect skin, too. And also, I finally satisfied my creme brulee cravings! I even remember last year, how Nick took me to Gemelles and I had planned to get their creme brulee, but got way too full to order dessert. :( But to be honest, in terms of price and value, I'd much rather the creme brulee at Gemelles, hehe. After dinner, we walked around for a bit and there were so many cute and cozy cafes, really need to go exploring Parramatta sometime!

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Tracey Tran said...

cute family, nice food and you look beautiful! zomg, genvin looks just like your dad!