Hah, you can see a whole strip of dust in the first two photos.. which is actually pretty gross. Was also too lazy to take proper photos of myself in them, so I just took one while I was sitting in my swivel chair.

Instead of going to the library to study before youth group on Friday, I decided to catch up with a friend I haven't talked to in a while and to go shopping for new underwear hehe and socks and whatever else I felt like, since it felt like ages since I bought anything really for myself. (Okay, that's probably a lie cos I buy heaps of food to replenish my stash of junk food for when I'm feeling sad, but I mean things that will last more than a week..) Bought underwear from Myer and was lucky enough to find these flatforms on sale, yay! Love how they instantly give me like 8cm of height.. except I'd probably end up rolling my ankle wearing these around the house before I find somewhere to wear these out to. :(

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Mani said...

Those are so nice! I remember seeing ones like them except patterned, and then I thought they'd be pretty in black.. LOL