Belated Halloween post featuring all my friends in costume at school and as we visited each staff room in the school begging for candy and food. Surprised that we actually managed to get anything at all (thanks to the science staff), but it's not like we didn't expect that, which was why we all brought food.. HAHA. Very, very fun day and probably the first Halloween that has passed without shitty kids ringing my doorbell... only to not get any response because we'd pretend no one was home, hehe.

(P.S. Can someone please, please, please tell me that they get the salt, pepper, cumin costume? It's from How I Met Your Mother, it was so embarrassing walking around the school.. And it really does not help that my surname is 'In'.)

Yes, please be amazed how my face does not change at all. (And I know there's a bluish tinge, I was too lazy to edit photos before I made this, wah.)

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