Taronga x photo diary







1. At the Rossini Cafe - peach tea, Penne al Pesto al Salmone and supreme pizza; 2. I think this was a public display where you could write your own message on a napkin then pin it up.. And funnily enough, there was a Haydn W. in my brother's year, how coincidental if that was his message; 3. I know that the photo doesn't know the tiger's face, which was probably what would have been conventional of the photo, but its stripes were so bright and pretty in real life! The giraffe's enormous head, the meerkats, the cute little red bird, omg too cute. 4. Suede chelsea boots which are my go-to shoes when I'm in a hurry, bracelets; 5. Jamie and Adam patting and feeding the kangaroos, hehe; 6. I wanted every single $6.95 plush toy there.

Fun day with Nick and his friends to Taronga Zoo (surprisingly, my first time there), with lunch and meal before dinner that isn't actually dinner, but not lunch. Heaps of walking, which sucked because my legs were hurting for some reason (after doing nothing the day before except for sit and study), heaps of animals and complimentary squealing at anything small and cute, heaps of wishing I had either an outrageously huge bear or feline as a pet to ride around my mansion when I'm older and incredibly rich.

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