House of glass and silver floors

Friendship bracelets (that I thought I lost), floral wreath, art etching (one of the few things that I've done this year that I actually like), paint swatches

I've been through a week of my final year at high school, and I can't even begin to describe how shitty it feels. My social life has already begun to deteriorate (okay fine, I did go to Holy Basil after Tuesday with Nick, but still) and I've already made several attempts to ban myself from Twitter by changing my password (which usually ends up being a combination of 'gay', 'shit', 'balls', 'dick' and the like) and I'm surprised that it's actually been working.. except my Twitter account is synced on my phone, which defeats the purpose, ha. Been getting our prelim marks and ranks back, and happy to say that I improved my rank for all of my subjects except art, made it into the 4u maths classes and, along with 2 other students, topped PE! :D


therrie said...

Love your blog, coincidently, I've been making those bracelets all week. Goodluck for your final year - I know I need it.


Danica said...

Yay you remind me I want to start making friendship bracelets because they are cool. For myself, of course.