Studs and layers

Sportsgirl watch and Nail It!, Vivian's bracelets and cute watch (photo taken by Danica I think?) and outfit for the day

Today Nick and I went to go get his seconds (lobe piercing) done and passport photos taken. Going into Industrie8 made me feel like such a piercing virgin, since I have a whole list of piercings that I want but don't have the balls to get anything knowing my parents would seriously rage and be so disappointed if they found out. :( But while we were in Cabra, we bought a shitload of food but didn't actually eat that much of it since I surprised him with dumplings and tea for breakfast when he came over to pick me up. :D Then we went to Livo, I bought a watch (which I am seriously in love with and makes me want to start a whole collection of watches), new glitter polish (the exact same as the one I already have, since it's starting to get gluggy), new underwear (which yes, I am also seriously in love with cos it looks like this swimsuit bottom by American Apparel that I have been drooling over, LOL) and more food (cos I knew that I would be annoyed if I didn't buy food while I was there, and yes I was right - I've already started on my chocolate horn from Breadtop, hehe).

Oops, forgot to mention that a couple of days ago, one of my friends, Vivian, hosted an Amazing Race at her house! So convenient that she lives across the road from a park/field, and literally 200m from a 7-11.. Such a fun day, and my team won, wooo! Go me and Liza. :D

Oh, and I compiled a whole list of shit in my wardrobe that I haven't touched in ages and need to get rid of. So if I ever get organised enough, I'll be clearing out a lot of my stuff (including my shorts here/here, lace bustier here, tops here) and maybe some handmade goods, too! :D

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lolizzie said...

that is some awesome looking nail polish! :O