AA's Leather carry-all

As much as I love the softcore porn of the American Apparel ads (no.), I hate how most of their items are overpriced yet incredibly basic. I remember how I was meant to get a Gg shirt, so that when me, Vanessa and Eugene came together we could spell out 'VAG'. Today I've flicking between pages of Asos and of my chemistry book, getting little studying done but adding a lot to my wishlist. Absolutely in love with American Apparel's medium leather carry-all pouch, especially in black leather with contrast zip. Love how minimal it is and the size of it.. oh, and how it could easily double up as a very, very big and expensive leather pencil case, ha.


lolizzie said...

Omg I've been eyeing that bad boy since it first came out. But my bank account keeps telling me "Don't even think about it" :( LE SIGH GEN! One day love! x

Genevieve said...

Completely agree! It's so overpriced for something that looks so basic.. ahhh. :(