K-pop music festival 2011

All photos taken by William or Joki

I've hit that time of the year or term or whatever where assessments have started to creep up and I've been finding it hard to find time to take photos and type up witty posts and be funny and everything. Last Saturday I went to the k-pop music fest 2011 in Sydney! Just saying, I live in Sydney so it's not like I had to take a plane from New Zealand or anything to see them perform (as I heard some people did, hooray for dedication).

Headed out to Lidcome/Olympic Park after tutor in 13cm wedges (and thank God they were wedges with 5cm platform, I would've died if they were straight up heels) and basically stood for at least 7 hours straight, but it was an amazing night!! Had an amazing view thanks to some friends' friends who waited outside ANZ Stadium since 11am (gates opened at 5pm) - I never really thanked you all but to William, Alec, Jazmine, Julie and everyone else whose name I didn't catch, thank you so, so much! :D Big thanks to Nick who actually bought my ticket for me, ahhhh VIP standing view was wonderful.

For the whole night I was pretty much within 10m from the 'front', yayyyy! Although I didn't bring my DSLR, I have dodgy fancam videos on my phone of B2ST that I took before my phone died (thanks William for using up my battery on Twitter, hah). Oh, SNSD were throwing out roses to the crowd as well, except I almost lost my glasses when I tried catching one, seriously the whole crowd just surges towards the roses.

Saw 12 artists (SHINee, Sistar, Secret, B2ST, Miss A, 4minute, SNSD, MBLAQ, TVXQ, Kara, 2AM and CN Blue), remembered how much I loved SHINee and MBLAQ, saw SNSD, fangirled for the whole night even after the concert when we were walking to McD's at Olympic Park, and would just like to say that everyone is so, so much more beautiful in real life. Never want to forget this night ever, and even have the orange wristband they gave us still on. Still cannot get over the fact that I can now say that I've seen B2ST perform live and that I was seriously within 2-3m radius of Dongwoon. Okay I'll stop fangirling now. :$

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lolizzie said...

what a night!!! glad you had fun! so awesome ehehehe