For the sake of it...

Just because my assessments don't start tomorrow, I've managed to stay up pretty late, reasoning with myself that this will be my last taste of freedom for the next month or something. Except that's probably bullshit, haha. Just spent the past 45 minutes or so trying to piece something this together on Polyvore, while I was 'taking a break from biology', but come to realise that even if I was rich and could go on a spree right now, then I don't know what I'd buy. Half the things on that list probably aren't even serious.. Anyway, I'll probably won't be blogging very often since I really do have assessments coming up! (Wow I sound so dead in this post, yay for me.)

1. American Apparel leather clutch 2. Siren black pumps 3. Yesstyle (or alternatively, eBay) clutch 4. American Apparel leather strap watch 5. Revlon ColorStay eyeliner in Black Noir 6. OPI nail polish in Mermaid Tears 7. Sam Edelman harness boots 8. Canon 60d 9. Knit socks

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