So much effort

Source: Nicole Lee (again)

I'm looking at the posts on my blog with my year 9 yearly science notes (science notes 1 and science notes 2), and wow, even though I didn't even type that much, I can tell I didn't write it recently. I used to use a yellow highlight, too. I liked that, I should still use it. If anyone's wondering, then I'm writing some notes for year 10 but I'm using a lot of the stuff that I can find online from the Board of Studies, etc. for year 9. And year 10 too, LOL. I'll still write some stuff for year 10, but as always, I'm going to have all this probably irrelevant/basis information for my notes. Oh, and I'm reusing my notes from the half yearlies, probably, cuz I don't think I'm bothered to type up new ones.

I think I'm going to have to study a lot this time. I totally forgot about how much pressure maths tests are. How much pressure the important maths tests are, anyway. I know I'll actually be pretty cut if I get under 90%, which really sucks because I don't know that much about consumer arithmetic. Please, 50% on the topic test, what can you expect. :I

I also want to strike up a deal with my parents: if I get over 90% for x tests (or something similar, like 2 over 90 and everything else above 85%), I'm allowed to get a conch/rook piercing. But it's pretty unlikely that they'll agree, or unlikely that I'll get x number of exams over 90%. Need to study!

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