You got a friend in me

Sister took this photo of me, thanks Steph! Cuz I think she was a bit annoyed that I kept asking her to take this photo, lol.

So I just came back from Floriade, which was an event in Canberra where there's like all these flowers and they're planted in a design so that if you looked from above, it makes a pattern/picture/whatever, and there are small stores usually selling handmade goods and stuff like that. I'm so tired right now, and I'm glad to say that I got my fairy floss, which was meant to be $4, for free! :D The guy didn't even talk to me, just gives it to me and I'm thinking, Errr, am I meant to pay $4 cuz I really don't want to but it's weird cuz that's how much it is, but I didn't pay for it so like, yeah. LOL. Not like they asked for the money, so I don't know. I didn't really get that much other stuff today, but it was fun and we took a lot of photos with the Samsung camera, cuz we have one. We actually forgot the CF card for the Canon, which is really embarrassing .. LOL.

We left Floriade at around 5:30 and then went to my cousin's house, and we haven't been there in like 2 years. Two of my cousins weren't home cuz they'd gone on a car trip to somewhere but I forgot where, for a muzik festival. And anyway, so we went to my cousin's house which looks really nice now (or maybe it's just cuz I haven't seen it in really long), and they have this really nice Canon which I think is the EOS 450D, but I'm not sure. We stayed at their house for only a bit, and then we went out for dinner at this Asian restaurant called Happy, how cute! LOL. After dinner though, we went home and yeah, got home at 11-something and I'm mega tired.

Can't be bothered editing photos. Oh wait, that's because Photoshop isn't even installed on the effing computer. I would've uploaded more photos, but this is all Flickr's going to let me. I just used up thirty-something percent, uploading these, because they were raw files on the stupid camera. TT All photos here taken by my sister, unless stated otherwise.

How do people get on ferris wheels? Does one couple go on, then they rotate it a bit before letting another couple on?

This is the only photo I've uploaded where the actual focus are the flowers.

I don't even know what Red Ass is.

We weren't allowed to ride them, but there were parents who were putting their toddlers and babies on these zebras.

We stopped at one of those rest stops on the way, because the clouds were pretty and my dad made my sister + mum take photos when we were in the car, LOL. THERE WERE SOO MANY MAN VS WILD OPPORTUNITIES TODAY, LOL, ALL THESE TREES OR DRY LAND AND STUFF, FULL WANTED TO MAKE A VIDEO BUT I DON'T EVEN WATCH MAN VS WILD ENOUGH TO KNOW WHAT TO SAY. I also have You Got A Friend In Me from Toy Story stuck in my head, and this photos of the clouds (which is like the only one I took) reminds me of the clouds on Andy's (from Toy Story) wallpaper.

Omg, I was watching all the videos on my phone (which aren't many, btw) but they were just the ones from Regional athletics last year, Aldrich getting waxed at 2009 camp, and *I totally forgot about this* the videos we took when we were playing Truth or Dare, when we jigged school sport! LOL. Yvy had to hump the table, Grace had to roll around on the floor, I had to lick Liza's leg, the wall and eat dirt. That is the best. LOL. Anyway, I love our group. We are the best. In the world. :D

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