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In the morning I woke up and thought, I don't wanna study. Then I realised that a lot of other people hadn't started studying, possibly around the same amount of people who had started studying. So I thought, Heo yeah, fuck studying, since no one else is at home today, I'm gonna go on Yuuchoob and (unrelated, but: OMG I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE ON FLICKR DISABLE DOWNLOADING OF THEIR FOTOZ, HIEOEWFRWTGFK) I'm gonna search up 'tutorials' of how to learn the dance for Genie by SNSD! In the shower, I was full thinking about it and thinking like, Finally, I have the motivation to learn it and I'll be so cool cuz I can dance Genie, and then I got out of the shower and could hear that Genvin was home. Fmlz, LOL. :(

For this whole holiday, the only place I've been 'out' was just yesterday, at tutor. To be honest, I don't really remember the last time I went out out with friends, like to the city or somewhere that requires me to take public transport there. But that's also because I'm not really thinking about it much, but last time I went out out was probably to .. The birthday before Angela's? That seems like a while ago. Everyone has been going to the library or going to other people's houses to study, and it feels like I'm the only one who decides to stay at home to study. Makes me feel so lonely, LOL.

As for study, I don't think I've been too productive. This is also probably the first time where I've been worried about a big maths exam. Usually when we get the notification for half yearlies, the common test or yearlies, I skim through the list of topics and think, Okay cool, I cbb studying for that but that's okay cuz I know everything there. But I was going through my maths textbook and the list of topics, and what the fuck, probability? How long did other classes spend on it, cuz I have only 1 or 2 lessons max on probability. We didn't learn shit about probability with Venn diagrams, and stimulation experiments (I think that's what they're called, Idk if they are or not)! So if anyone's studying for maths, then are we supposed to know probability with Venn diagrams and shit? Cuz I really don't wanna learn that.

I asked Diem how far she'd gone with studying, and she said she'd finished commerce, ag and science but she thought she was missing one unit. I also read Wendy's blog and she's done so much, too. WTF guise, how is this possible, LOL. I've only finished chapter 4 and part of chapter 5 for science, but I have my notes for U1-3.1; done a bit for commerce but I don't know if it'll help, cuz I don't know shit about commerce. :I But even so! Everyone's making heaps of progress with their studies. Makes me feel very not smart. And I was meant to be seriously trying to get >90% for like most of my exams. :I

I also checked my Tumblr crushes yesterday (I don't really Tumblr anymore, btw) and all my crushes are pretty much either food or K-Pop blogs. LOL.

Time to continue with ag. I think I'll go Cabra library tomorrow. Who will I see there? :3

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