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Anyway, I've also realised that it's 12:09pm, I got out of bed at around 10:30am and I haven't eaten/drank anything except for a cup of milk. I'm actually kinda hungry, but this is why I hate the holidays. Especially the holidays now, the ones right after term 3.
  • I don't eat properly because I can't be bothered and I'm studying
  • I don't wake up properly because there's no motive
It seems that every time I study for the whole day, then I always skip meals. This was before the holidays, even. That time when I kept bringing chicken and rice to school for lunch? That was meant to be my dinner for one night, LOL, dinner I didn't eat because I was writing science notes. I'm also really, really lazy to cook stuff as well. The only thing I can be bothered to actually cook is just scrambled eggs, or boiled eggs. I've been eating really, really unhealthily these holidays and for the weeks a little before holidays. :S I exercise but I don't think it's good exercise, it's just sit ups to wake up or while I study for PEAK. So it's actually pretty bad. I really hope I don't lose weight. :SS

Maybe I should go to Valley Plaza, where I can buy ingredients to make something. That'll be fun, cuz I always jog 3/4 the way home (which is just 7 minutes of flat jogging/running) and I always feel really good about it when I get home. :D

I also wish I could draw like this (especially the one in the top photo, on the right). This is partly why I really like art. I'm still not sure if I should do bio or art next year. I think if I stick with bio, then I'll be stuck with too many 'remembering' subjects (like ag, and I heard PE was like that too), and I'm just going to collapse under the pressure. Oh yeah, time to anonymously ask ex-students questions about their high school subjects, through Tumblr ask and Formspring. :D I'm pretty sure my sister's into this, and sometimes she says she wishes she went to do fine arts in uni, instead of design. And I love how little illustrations like these always pop up in Frankie magazine. I don't even read it and tbh, I only like the pictures, photoshoots and article where they compare things, in Frankie. :I The actual other articles are mostly not my thing. But yeah, one day you'll see me out there with drawings like these. :D That'd be so cool.

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