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People who know me would know that I stress out a lot about exams and assignments, and that I study a lot but that only gets me average marks, and that I always stay up really late cramming assignments. So lately I haven't been feeling too cool and have become really stressed out with the exams and shit. It's only year 10 and all the seniors would tell me that I don't know anything until I hit year 11, but it's not like I can just fail this year. :s

Only motivation for exams -- I will maybe be allowed to get a piercing that I would never be allowed to get if I just asked normally with my average marks and 95-97%s in maths. Cuz, being Asian, maths is only really good when it's 100%. So my plan for this holidays is to study like heaps, and then strike up a deal with my parents so that if I get really good in my exams (so they'd probably want all band 6's for my SC or something crazy like that) then I'll be allowed to get a conch or tragus piercing. I'm not sure which yet, so I haven't asked.

Anyway, the whole point of this blog was supposed to list and post up some of my inspirations to do well, the people I kinda look up to, stalk and want to be like.

Source: Sarah McNeil

I so, so wish I could draw like this! I mentioned her a few posts ago but it was from a different blogger. Those of you who read Frankie magazine would maybe recognise her, if you read the issue she featured in. But honestly, I love love love the details and the thin strokes, omg everything. I just wish I could draw stuff like this. :0

Source: lolwowmom

Tasha Nghiem is so, so perfect. I've mentioned her on Twitter and I've reblogged her on Tumblr. She's so pretty, can sing, is so smart, looks good in lenses (LOL), has motivation to work hard and stay healthy, and still has a social life. I wish I could be like her, she's so smart lol, and she always seems to be so motivated to study, or go for a run or anything. :I

Her artworks are so, so cute! :D I love how they're so simple but they're still so nice. This is another reason why I wanna continue art in senior years, cuz maybe I could do stuff like this. I love it, omg.

Source: K isfor Kani

I saw her on Lookbook before I found her blog, but I love her looks! I can't even tell what nash she is, though, but a few days ago I found out she was following/reading Manisay's blog. :I #jealous But she is so pretty, love love love. :D

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