Oh, balloons

Source: Loser Pooser

Stephen said that they all got a balloon and wrote a message on them, and then let them go. I don't know if he was serious or not when he said that he wrote, Hi Jesus, get back to me and included his address. That's cute, though. LOL.

(DBSK) reminds me of the time I slept over at Jacqueline and Jennifer's on New Years this year. It was the 5 of us: Jacqueline, Jennifer, Sophia, Emily and me, all cooped up in Jennifer's new room, sleeping on like the 5 mattresses lined up next to each other on the floor. This was when their house was still crazy messy, since they were still renovating and didn't have a proper kitchen. Oh wait, they still did. Jacqueline left her iPod on for I think the whole night, and I remember hearing Balloons and thinking, This song is good, what song is it? And that's when I decided to check out DBSK, only I didn't really like them. Still, listening to it reminds me of New Year's at Jacqueline and Jennifer's.

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