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Ugh, Truong makes me feel so stupid. I don't know. I'm still slightly confused about mathematical induction with inequalities, but I guess I'm alright. Truong also makes me feel like I don't write very fast. :I

I'm looking at my art 'box crime' notification thing and I have this alright idea but I don't know if I'd do it. I'm at news.com right now, looking for weird stories and crimes and stuff .. I also don't know if I'm going to do bio or art next year. Art is fun and everything, but there's some stuff that I'm totally not good at -- like painting and shit like that. I only like art and do a lot better in it when I like what I'm doing, too. Bio .. I don't even know anything about bio but I know it has shit about ecosystems and stuff like that. Hopefully it's not too bad.

I really, really don't want to start studying for yearlies. Like, I started writing notes two weeks ago, and then I just stopped for a week because I became totally put off by commerce and ag, and now I haven't really done that much. I guess I have a whole holiday for that, ugh.

Nick came over yesterday. Actually, yesterday was really, really fun. :D I felt so cool, avoiding the rush to the train station every closed weekend, cuz Nick was picking me up. We drove to Livo, and went to Sushi Bay. :D It was so nice cuz we ate a lot, and we put heaps of chili flakes in the udon, even though I can't take chili for shit, but it was fun. :p We saw Anh, Ashley and Nicholas, and there were some year 8's there as well. After we ate, we walked around Westfields, but didn't get anything. There's a good sale at Dotti right now, if anyone wants to go shopping. After that, we went back to my house and didn't do much, but we were playing The Moron Test on iPhone and were getting really fustrated over it, but we finished it LOL. Later, we + my sister went and bought pizza at Tommy's, and Idk, we got home and Stephen had come over, and then we were all just talking and stuff (rents were out for a dinner) and that was cool. :p After that, we moved the couch in front of the computer and watched Zombieland but I was doing my Truong homework, and we didn't finish the movie but Nick left at like 11:35pm LOL. My parents are so nice about things, lol. :p It was fun, though.

This makes me feel cool, cuz I finally get the Woodstock Baby joke. LOL. And farout, this is surprisingly catchy and has been stuck in my head 3 times in 2 days. :o OKAY I SHOULD BE STUDYING NAOZ.

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