#413 Apparently the camera works

Y'know how ages ago, I said that I broke my camera? Apparently it still works, it's just the LCD is messed and you can't see what you're taking a photo of. Well, you can, but you can't see the result photo cos of the broken screen. But there's still the view finder, thank God for older cameras. LOL. I thought it was just totally messed, cos one time I shoved batteries in it and it didn't turn on. I thought that meant my camera was messed and that was the end. Turns out they were dodgy batteries? LOL.

Anyway, I had nothing to do today. Like every other day. So I decided to do what I did a few days ago and take photos of myself. And get dressed up. And have fun like that. :P Hm, I type loud. (Man, I'm on Tumblr, and I'm just being spammed with pages and pages from http://sobeastk-im.tumblr.com/. Like, yeah I like B2ST and MBLAQ .. But far, how many pages have I gone through now. D:) And then I got psyched and edited them too, keke. So this is Genevieve. Click to view larger for any of these, too. Except for the first one, I think. No idea why. :L


So this is my room. As you can see, I have 4 mattresses of different thicknesses. LOL. I sleep on the mattress on the floor. You can see my blanket and pillow there. And if anyone realises there's something on my pillow, then it's Blutack LOL. And if you click to view larger I'm pretty sure you can look around and see like exactly what's in my room. :0

Oh that's my wall. I took all my posters down when my grandma and aunt were staying in my room but I left my Scrabble pieces up. And as you can see, I'm missing a few letters cos I ran out, like the E in Explore. LOL :( And I'll take a photo of my other Scrabble thing on my other wall another time.

Um, latest purchases. It's all like the same colours, too: black, blue, white and grey. Oks so from top to bottom and left to right, it's: Dotti jacket ($49.95 down from $89.95); Davenport satin briefs ($3.50 down from $15.95); matching Davenport satin bra ($10.50 down from $32.95); Mossimo bra ($23.05 down from $32.99); Agent Ninety-Nine Stripe Crop singlet ($30); American Apparel navy racerback singlet (Aunt bought from America); Maybelline Liquid Mineral foundation ($16-$18,I think); American Apparel black racerback singlet (Aunt from America); Cotton On shirt ($5 down from $24.99); Headphones (Err, eBay LOL, not sure how much); Fiorelli bag from Vinnies ($6). I've bought a lot. :/ Cuz I have two pairs of Mossimo's not there either. :0


That's what I decided to dress up in today. The point of the photo was to show you my singlet, but I ended up dressing up more. I couldn't decide which edit I liked more (for the last two photos). The top one is edited with Manisay's vintage effect or a slight variation of it, and the bottom one has just an enhanced lighting. And the first photo is taken with my 2MP camera phone, haha. Btw, these were taken in my sister's room (I take photos of myself in her room cuz there's a bigger mirror?). I kinda look like a whore cos the loose singlet and the ripped stockings. So I couldn't wear this out unless it was a party and the theme was Be a whore. LOL, joking. But if I wore this out, then people would glare at me and call me a whore. :(

What I'm wearing: Agent Ninety-Nine Stripe Crop singlet ($30, General Pants Co.); Elle Macpherson bra ($10 down from like $54.99 or something, BNT); Pyramid studded belt ($24.95, PSC); Black training gloves (Haha, they're my sister's and you're meant to wear them for weight training LOL, they were a KK present so Idk the details); High rise s10 denim shorts ($28 or something, Jeans West, bought them off my sister and cuffed/rolled them a lot, keke); Black 12 denier stockings (They ripped a lot; $6 down from Idk, Myer)


So that's it! :D That's my room, my wall, what I've bought recently and what I wore today. Oh, and this is my dog:

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