414 But they don't love you like I do

This weather sucks and the time of year makes me not want to blog. But I still do. --' Yeah so today is the LAST DAY OF 2009, LAST DAY OF THE DECADE. That's really sad. :( Like I've said heaps of times, this year was one of the best and I really hope I remember it. :D Went through heaps, got heaps of memories and shit I don't want to ever forget.

Today is the day where I have to figure out what to have as a new year's resolution. Hmm, Yvy, Idk if I cbb making a whole list of resolutions and seeing how many I can keep up with. But if you wanna, then it'll still be fun and chyeah. All up to you. :P I wrote a few down, like eat healthier, study hard, buy people presents on their birthdays and something else .. Oh, save money, yeah. They're so lame, though.

NEW NIGAHIGA VIDEO OUT. Thanks Grace, for telling me. Watch it here.

(Fkn hell, Chrome and MSN keep fkn lagging. Rsugfpouewrfihkgs hdkfj!)

Kk, and everyone's going out today, celebrating New Year's and everything! I really wish I could go city and everything, I know Danica is, and I'm pretty sure Grace and .. Idk, Nick or smth is as well. I really wanna go out and party, though, farout! Can't believe I haven't had a party this Christmas, etc! :( :( :( :(. FML. Yeah lol, so I reaally wanna have a party. Genvin invited his friends over, and Katie came over at like 9am and then went to sleep LOL. Stephen's over too, and other people are coming over later. They went out, though, to get some groceries and food and stuff, hahaha. Umm, they're having a picnic on the front lawn, since my mum didn't let them go to the park near the T-Way. LOLL. But still, that's mad. Yesterday my mum invited Jacqueline and Jennifer over for today, and Sofia and Emily MIGHT be coming over as well. Probs just gonna have like dinner and hang around. Jackie said she got me smth, like a small present, and when she told me I was like, Oh fk. LOL. And I was meant to go shopping for them so I'd have a present before the next time I see them. Only I thought the next time I'd see them would be like next year, but yeah. FML. LOL. I'm like the worst friend. :(

I was thinking about how like half the grade is turning 16 next year and I started thinking about my 16th. Which is going to be in fricken 2011 LOL, but still. And like I wouldn't have a fricken clue who to invite, so yeah. But then Grace asked if we could share a party and like, CHYEAH MAN, that'd be mad az. :) Only where the freak would we hold it. O___OOO Depends who we invite and stuff, though. People turning 16 next year have badass plans. Like Wendy's doing a masquerade (which is gonna be shit unless we really get into it, haha) and Nikkida's a rich kient and wants to book a white room and make everyone turn up dressed in white and then have like a paint fight kinda thing. LOL. That would be mad, but yeah it'd only be fun if we wore pretty white things, like, pretty dresses and the guys wore nice shirts and stuff. And since we're Asian, Idk how well it would be, cuz there are heaps of different kinds of whites. LOL. :O

2009 was the fucking best.

You will still love me, and I will love you too.

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