#381 Yeah, whatever, I know I just blogged

Okay, so as the title says, I conclude in saying that I know I blog way too much. But you know you love it. (No jokes, LOL, Yvy, you tell me how you get cut if I don't blog AHAHA.)

1. I realise I type a lot like Nikkida. LOL. Danica's told me this already, ahaha, but whoa man, I just went to her blog and wtfreak, we do type kinda similar. LOL. Wow.

2. I am reaaally skinny. :0 Really unhealthy, I swear, ahaha. Like, I'm not saying I only eat junk food all the time, but I eat at really .. dodgy times? Hmm, like binge eat. Lol, 'binge' sounds funny. Yeah, but I don't even eat breakfast nemore. Like, I get home and full eat, and I do this for like an hour? LOL. Like, I'm on MSN and while I'm blogging and shit, I'll look around for food and slowly keep eating for like an hour? LOL. Then I eat dinner, and I eat a lot then. Genvin doesn't eat a lot, btw. I eat a lot, but people don't see me eat so they don't know and think I don't eat a lot. :( But anyway, isn't it so much easier to lose weight than it is to gain weight! :O For me it is, yeah. :/ Sooo, that's why I need to gain weight these holidays. :0

3. I'm pretty much always on MSN. If I'm not, then it means a. I'm not at home, or b. Genvin's using the computer for work or c. I'm sleeping. Cos even if I'm signed it, it doesn't mean I'm actually there, cuz I swear, a third the time I'm on MSN, I'm away from the keyboard. LOL. Oh, if my status is busy, it means that a. I'm doing something but I'll still reply fast, or b. I'm doing something else but I'm going back to the computer at irregular intervals and happen to be talking to you at the same time. So that doesn't mean I'll reply fast. LOL.

4. I kinda blog everyday. That's really sad, LOL. Like every single day, I have blogged. Since like, ages. :0

5. Every school day (oh, we don't even have school anymore, dayum) I get off my bus at the stop right in front Liverpool station so I can a. Do my makeup if I can be bothered, b. Get iced coffee if I have the money, c. Buy some cookies from Subway, d. Walk around and see if there are any places that have available positions or e. Get some time alone to think about things. Or several of those things. So that's why I always take the late train in the morning. Cuz I miss the early train, sometimes only by a minute or two.

6. I have never watched Transformers 1 (LOL, I've watched T2, though), She's The Man (from start to finish), The Dark Knight, The Notebook, any episode of Gossip Girl, any episode of Glee (from start to finish), Fight Club, any of the Star Wars series (from start to finish) .. Yeah, that's all I can think of right now.

7. Ooh, I just realised 'Wildfox' was a clothing brand. I was just thinking, Omg, this shirt is so popular, seen heaps of kids on Tumblr with it. But oh no, turns out it's a brand. LOL. Check their stuff out here. Gosh, I actually really like their stuff. :D But gosh, it's unexpectedly expensive. :(

8. Uhh .. Robbie from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is really hot. LOL. Oh, I only just watched that movie this week, LOL. And I have all these other movies I haven't watched on my laptop, like Marley & Me, P.S. I Love You, err, Definitely Maybe, blahblah, all these chick flickss.

Cbb to blog more. LOL.

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