#380 Yeah, I can't wait to see you again.

' George has a party today :D. '

Lol, that's what it says on my phone's calendar. Anyway, I woke up pretty late this morning cuz I stayed up till 2 watching movies on my laptop LOL. Anyway, I slept in my own room last night! Cuz my grandma's gone and yeah. Um, so I woke up and I could hear Stephen and Genvin singing. Surprising, Dannis wasn't over. So yeah, I showered, blah blah. I need make-up remover! Waterproof mascara is actually waterproof (no wayy, Genevieve! --') Andy came over at around 11:30, and then Steph wanted me to go with her to Hungry Jacks with Andy, and I got a sundae and regular fries. Um, so I'm feeling kinda crappy atm LOL, cuz I just woke up and I've just had junk food. Not very good, yeah? Oh, Truong test was .. I hope I did alright. I didn't know how to do like 3 questions, kinda. I'm fucked! :( But I got the last question, I don't think it was that hard? ^o) So yeah. Truong's getting intense, locus is wtf.

I wrote up a small list of things to do these holidays, some of the things are:
1. Be 47kg (so that's like, gain at least 2kg).
2. Save up to go spree with Grace.
3. Sell old clothes on eBay.
4. Go to at least one party. :D
5. Catch up with Jacqueline and Jennifer.
6. Get over # for sure.
7. Be really happy. :D :D :D

LOL. Oh gosh, this centred text is kinda ugly.

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