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Hey this is gonna be a long post, yeah? Cuz on the bus I was just thinking about things and I typed up some anon. letters, and yeah, need to blog about today and chucked anon. letter at the end. :)

TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2009! That's actually kind of sad. Really, I'm sad about school ending. I won't get to see heaps of people until up to 6 weeks! I'm really gonna miss you guys, gosh. :(

My grandma went home last night, just so you know. Airplane back to America. And the cakes I baked were kinda fail, keke.

I was going to catch the early train today. Far, and this morning, I showered and was waiting for the bus, and then realised I forgot my train pass again, so I ran back home, got my train pass, and ran back. Almost missed the bus. Bought cookies from Subway, and then had to walk super fast to the station. Had to run up the stairs, etc or else I would've missed the train! :O But I got there in time, so yeah. :P

I had science this morning, and I don't know what we did in class. Oh, actually, we tried to make things fun by watching some Youtube vids, but we didn't find nething particularly funny. I was watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, so I don't know when it was when the teacher left the room, but for like half the lesson, Mr Watts wasn't in the room. And he turned 65 last week! :)

I thought we'd have to work in History, since we have Pollock. But we just got our topic test results, and I did worse than everyone else but still good. He then turned on a video about the Vietnam War, but he didn't mind if we were just on our laptops. So I was watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and ended up finishing it. Robbie is so cute. LOL. But yes, he's Yvy's. 8-)

At recess, I shared my cookies with my group, and then I went to the guy's area to share with the guy's. OH, there was a PASS excursion to the beach today! They left in the morning, so yeah. Anyway, I haven't hung around with like the guys in a while cos everyone plays DoTA. :( But they weren't playing at recess, and that was cool. :D We just stood around and talked, and Lawrence and Aldrich were screaming. LOL.

AG! Yay, we did nothing. Me and Yvy went to fill our bottles, and we popped into room 33. 9E and 9O were in there, goshh, I love having mixed classes! ^^ But anyway, they were just doing nothing, and I saw Nicholas vs Geerlo in an arm wrestle? Fricken crazy, ahaha, but I don't know who won in the end. So me and Yvy stood around there for a bit, and then I went to fill my bottle. Couldn't go back in, cos the door was closed and yeah. Ms Blake is soo cool, though, can't believe I'm not having her next year. My teachers next year kinda suck, but hopefully they're .. Alright. LOL. Like I don't think they're that cool, but I don't know, hopefully they turn out better than what I think. :) Me and Yvy were just talking to Miss about what she did yesterday in Livo, and what she bought and everything. Mm. And year 10 formal was yesterday! Everyone had a good time, the year 10's weren't here today. I saw Kale, though, and we're like, Why are you at school LOL.

Englishhhh! :DD Mr Kolodziej is so much cooler now, at the end of the year. Really, he hasn't asked me what Santa's getting me for Christmas. Cut, man! :O But he's way cool, and he got us all this food and we just shared it around and talked and stuff. We asked him what music he was into. So we went through his iPhone, LOL, and he was playing some stuff and he's like, Omg, how can you not love it! And full saying 'This song is sick', and saying everything was sick LOL. :P He's really cool when he's in a good mood, and I finally saw one of his tattoos! :D

Lunch .. Me, Liza and Danica went to the toilet, then canteen. Edward in year 7 bought 33 Fruit Pop things, and we're like, Omg can I have one, LOL, so we all got one off him. Then we sat at the year 10 table, and that whole area was empty today. D: But we just talked, and that was good, cuz it feels like a while since I talked to Danica, and it's always good to talk to Liza. :P

In PASS, we had no teacher. So we just hung around, and some guys sneaked into the IST class and played DoTA. We were really bored, so we decided to play Truth or Dare! Everyone picked dare, and that was mad. So it was me, Anh, Anne, Liza and Alex. We made Alex chew a leaf, and Liza had to drag the bin that was outside the hall onto the service road LOL. I had to lie face down in the main quad, and I did it outside room 24. Brian and Stephen and stuff were in there, and I lied down, and like SOO many people started looking and stood up LOL, and Brian's like, Nah get up Genny, you'll get bitten by ants LOL. But yeah, had to stay there for 10 seconds. Jacqueline recorded all of this, too. Oh, and Anne had to jump/get piggybacked by someone that walked past, LOL, so the music kids were walking past and she jumped on Anna O. Danica joined in, but when it was her turn, we told her to go into the bin and then jump out when someone walked past LOL. But then she didn't, and the stupid cleaner told us off. LOL. Bell ranggg!

Went to maths. Gosh. Had a sub. I just did my Truong homework, and Wendy got my lip balm (the almost empty one) and drew a ':D' in it LOL. And she wiped all the excess lip balm on my arm. :( LOL. Finished most of my Truong homework .. I have an exam today! :O Everyone wish me luck, and I really hope the exam's not hard. Bell rang!

END OF SCHOOL, MAN. I was so .. Felt so cut, kinda. Like, no more school, this is the end of year 9. :( We're gonna come back and be in year 10. Gosh! :( Anyway, I was walking with Mitchell, who has plans for the holidays. Lose weight, go on a diet, that sort of thing. I reckon it'll be mad when he comes back, all fit and everything. :D Have fun, Mitchell!

It was really crowded on the train. The PASS kids made it back in time, though, cos the train was late by like 3 minutes! Almost missed my bus cos of that, though. But anyway, I squished into a 6 seater with Lawrence, Kabir, Thomson, Alan, Tyrone and Kenny. I didn't even hug anyone goodbye. I'm so cut. Well, I hugged Mitchell and Thai, but that's it. :0 Should've hugged like Andy and Lawrence and everything. :( OH. That's right, I hugged Aldrich, too. Umm, but I should've hugged people. Cuz I miss them. Had to run for my bus, goshh ..

I'm really going to miss everyone. I'm going to blog again later, just about this year. Cuz I can't be bothered doing an evaluation right now. But everyone .. I love you guys. :) Thank you for making this year amazing, and being in my memories. You guys are the best. :D :D And if anyone's wondering, I'm going to George's party tmr, yep.


1. So, we spent a whole term without talking properly to each other. Ugh, something's weird. I'm confused. But what's the point of being confused at all? What's the point of thinking abouyou at all? So that's what I'm confused about, and things are like wayy awkward between us. I still remember the things we did that made me happy. Like that time I called you at 11:46 just to talk cuz I missed you, when we used to stay up late just talking on MSN, that time I sneaked my dad's iPod out of his room just so I could go on Palringo. It's crap like that, that makes me think about you and wonder what we could've been.

2. There was a time during the year when we were pretty close. We hung around each other, partly cuz there was no one else as company, but I really had fun, and I remember being so cut at the end of the day, when we were back with everyone else. We actually texted and called each other for no reason, to just talk about nothing. That made me happy, but we didn't keep it up for long. I can talk to you about almost anything, and we can still connect and talk about deep emotional shit, but I wish we were actually like before again, and we could just call each other to talk about nothing and have fun together.

3. And there was a time when I used to be pretty tight with you, too. I could talk to you about all my problems and even if you didn't know what to say to make things better, it was good just to talk to someone about it. Now, we don't really talk much, since you've been doing other things. I can still talk to you about all the things I go through, but we don't even hang aroud enough to talk. I guess. There was something you said this term which made me really happy. Bascially .. This would give away who you are so badly, but you said you believed that I could make a job and that I should apply. I haven't applied, but it's seriously on my to-do list. Thank you. :)

4. We've known each other since highschool, but that doesn't neccessarily mean we were friends. But as each year went by, we've become closer and closer. Sometimes you're really cool and fun and everything, and we're pretty close. But sometimes you really annoy me, and lately I've been noticing the things that annoy me in you more. That' not saing that you've changed recently, though.

5. A few days ago, I figured out why I keep thinking about you and the day we spent together. For a while, I kept thinking back about all the fun we had, and that made me happy, and how happy I was on the day. But I figured out why: cuz you made me feel accepted and you cared about me. It felt like we'd been really old friends who were completely comfortable with each other, and we could do anything and wouldn't be bored. I'm not saying that I don't fit in with everyone else or that I feel that people don't make me feel appreciated. But it was just like you wanted to hang around with me, and you included me. I remember I was going to get a drink, or something little like that, and you asked me where I was going. You just acted different from everyone else, and it just felt really nice, having someone to hang around with like that. I don't know how to explain it. It just felt like we were incredibly old friends who were completely comfortable with each other, and you wanted to hang around with me. Thank you. :)


I think I need to study, now ..

(Oh and today, Christie had a Sharpie moustache and goatee. It was really cute, someone needs to send photos of it please LOL. )

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