#378 I love McNuggets

Today was fun! This year, overall, has been amazing (wow, I hardly use the word 'amazing', but I just felt like using it, haha) and I've had heaps of fun. Frick, my sister keeps talking to me and I don't really wanna listen. Gosh. OH SHIT, I JUST REALISED I HAVE TO BAKE A CAKE. SHIT SHIT SHIT! SHIT MAN. OMG. Shiz, okay, I have to blog quick:

1. This morning, I bought a Subway cookie for 85c. Cheaper than a mini iced coffee, right? And I realised I forgot my train pass (found it in the recycling bin. Yay.) and so I had to buy a ticket. Went to Livo station, and what the eff! Train ticket was $1.70, and I only had $1.65. So I was like, kinda stressing, man :(. Had to call Yvy LOL, to borrow 5c AHAHAHAH. But yes, that's how we roll. :( LOL.

2. English! We had a party, kinda. It was planned for tomorrow, but some people brought some things in, so yeah, we just ate and were meant to be reading picture books. And that was cool, and Mr K was in a pretty cool mood, so yeah, that was fun. :)

3. Science .. I don't even remember what happened, ahaha.

4. KRIS KRINGLEE! It was really cool, everyone came up with their gift, wrapped in newspaper and everything. Last night, I forgot it had to be wrapped in newspaper, and I made a little box for it, and wrapped the cardboard of the box in a General Pants Co. poster. And then Danica reminded me I had to wrap in newspaper, and I did that. Looked nice! :D TV guide ftw LOL. So anyway, at recess, everyone chucked their gifts in a pile, and Sophiea handed them out to us. Yvy was my KK! :D She got me the mascara I wanted and a ring from Diva. Fricken, size XS, killed my fingers! LOL. I got Danica a necklace from General Pants Co yesterday, $40 down to $15. Everyone was like happy with their presents and everything, so this KK was really good! :D Grace got a book and two pineapples. LOL. Two pineapples, best present, Vivian. :P But the book was really sweet, and that was cool. ^^ Thank you, Yvy! :D Oh and I cut Danica's name out of cardboard, and she liked it. As in, I cut her name out of a cardboard piece, so if you hold the cardboard its like her name. Full nice. LOL. ANYWAYY, this Christmas is good, tysm Yvy! Everyone was all happy, keke. Like I've said it already, but chyeah. I'm so smooth, man, LOL. Full sneaky, I was like to Danica yesterday,

G: Hey omg, wouldn't it be so mad if we lived together? For like a week or smth. And omg, we could share clothes! Are we even the same size?

AHAHAHA, so that's how I figured out Danica's size. Even though I didn't need to know in the end, but yeah. LOL. :D

5. Art was cool, we were just on our laptops. Last art lesson! If we get another teacher next year for art, that's gonna be soo shit, I swear ..

6. Geo was a bludge. Man VS Wild.

7. Lunch .. Don't remember what I did. Oh, One Tree Hill. :)

8. Double ag! We just passed around Mel's external hard drive, which had like 270GB of movies, tv shows, etc. So everyone was just copying what they wanted from it, and it took foreveeerr. I was watching OTH, listened to music and played Mah Jong while I waited. :L It was pretty cool, though ..

9. Grace's, Vanessa's, Thai's last day! Well, probably more people, too. But yeah, their last day, and I only found out Grace wasn't coming tomorrow on the bus! :( I hung around with Vanessa on the train, cuz she wanted Skins, but yeah. Aww, I'm really gonna miss everyone! :O And I'm really pysched about trying new mascara, AHAHAHA. :) Man, I love everyone. :D

- Gotta bake a cake, but I think I don't have enough chocolate! :O

Oh! And I forgot to mention. Danica Prasad, your photos are so nice. Eff you. LOL. But really, they're so good! :D

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