#377 To be older

Blogged late today. Lol, I bet you guys were like, Omg, she didn't blog, why hasn't she blogged yet, ahahaha. :P

Today, my Hongkanese (so that's someone from Hong Kong. LOL) cuzz went home. And by that, I mean Clement. LOL. I didn't even say bye to him, dayum, man. I had swimming for all three periods today, so that was really good. First two periods was with Hughes, last lesson with him for the year! Really hope I have him again, he's a badass teacher. We did a few activities for the first period, then did newcombeball for most of the rest. Then we did 'free time' kinda, and we did Gladiators for a bit. So that was cool. Had to borrow Alan's jumper to cover my wet shirt and wet ass. LOL. Then PASS swimming, we did waterpolo! :O It was so tiring if you played properly and didn't cling onto the wall, but having clung onto the wall for like 75%-85% of the game, I wouldn't know. LOL. And we had to wear the funny hat thing. And then we all crowded around in the deep end for a class photo, and fucking Miss Thomas took forever to take it, and I was like holding onto Clement's shoulders LOL far he's really tank. And then we're like Omg lets just go shallow end, so we did. LOLLL. And then Avi went on Kenny and Kenny was like dying, cuz had to take the same photo with 3 different cameras LOL.

Sport was boring. Went Parra after school, but not for that long, kinda. Stayed till 5:30. Bussed it home. Got home at almost 7. LOL. GOTTA GO, NOW! 11:58PM, ahaha.

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