#382 I dare you ..

What comes before part B?
(I love Scrubs.)

Okay just came back from George's party. It was pretty mad, tbh, even though I was bored at first. Towards the end of the party, it was just Truth Or Dare and stuff like that.

We were at the park and just hanging around, and we decided to walk back and ditch Shadman and Emily. LOL so we did that, and then they figured out and walked back as well, ahaha. For a few hours, people were just dancing and shit, I was kinda bored. It was still like bright and stuff, so yeah. It only got fun when it got dark. Cuz then we started playing Truth Or Dare.

There was like a dance-off thing LOL. That was kinda lame keke, but Mel's bf dances good. LOL. Um, so yeah, Truth Or Dare was mad! I had to kiss Lisa, kiss Avi, kiss KM's leg, lick KM's leg and lick KM's nipple. LOL. Good dares, yeah. :I Danica kissed like Jenny and .. someone else. LOL. And for a while, people were just daring others to kiss other people. George was like, Okay you guys can come inside to watch a movie or hang around out here. So like me, Danica, Jenny, Avi, KM, Kabhi, Alex and Troy stayed outside, and we were just figuring out what game to play and stuff, LOL. Everyone else went inside, so yeah. You guys are lame. :P Yeah, so for a bit we played 'I Never', where someone says something they've never done, and if someone else has done it, then they have to take a piece of clothing off. LOL. Lisa and Aldrich came outside later, too. :) Yeah, so I had to take off my singlet (but that was alright cuz I had another one on) and my shoes cuz I have shaved my legs and like kissed KM, or something? LOL. But then we stopped playing. Played Truth Or Dare instead. Like during the party, all this gay/lesbo stuff happened LOL. Like, I made KM rub noses with Troy, and heaps of people tried kissing Andy/Nicholas but they didn't let LOL. OH. And like .. earlier before it was full dark, heaps of people had to nipple cripple KM AHAHAHA. And then I had to lick it better. ==' LOL. It was really mad, though. Hung around with people I normally wouldn't have hung around with, and that's always way fun. Shame I left so much earlier than all the cool kids, though. :( If only I was still at the fricken party, mann, it was so mad. And when I was leaving, someone was gonna dare something and I swear it had something to do with me. LOL. ;D Oks, soooo Kabhi kissed Tori, Avi kissed Jenny and Tori (cuz he told me on MSN), Kyleen kissed Luke on the cheek .. Idk, everyone just kissed everyone else LOLLL.

OH. Earlier, Daniel was making a castle/stack thing out of empty cans, but then it was really high and someone knocked it over and KM jumped on all the cans, and Daniel was just like .. so cut LOL. And when he's a senior, he's gonna merge the summer and winter uniforms together. WHAT A FRICKEN LEGEND, OMG. LOL. Keke. :D!

So this party was good. Kinda boring at the beginning but fun azzz at the end. Thank you, George! Your parents, house, neighbourhood and party are way cool. :P Wish I could stay there longer. :( But omg, someone has to have a party sometime! :O Like this was a full mad start to the holidays. LOL. :D

And I found out Kabhi reads my blog? And Eugene's blog, cuz 'it might as well be mine', LOL. But wow, I didn't know that many people read my blog. And Andy said that Nicholas probably reads it? And I told Andy that one of the last anonymous letters I wrote was to him? LOL, go printscreen it. :P

Love you, George. :D Your party was so cool. Everyone that went was cool. All the kids that played Truth Or Dare are cool. Anyone who stayed outside instead of watching a movie are badass and made the party way mad. LOL. ^^ ^^

Wow. If Kin-Mun's reading this, then nigga, you have my ringggggg! LOL. O__O

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