Post HSC

It feels like a million years since I finished the HSC but I think it's been less than a month. I've already spent all of my money (don't even know how...) so I don't know what I'm supposed to do now, except for look for a job. :( Since HSC finished, everything has been a complete blur, but judging from the photos I found on my phone (enjoy the shitty iPhone quality), then I remember that: the same day HSC finished, we rented a hotel apartment for 2 days and just drank, played cards, shopped and went Blowout (where I met a girl who said she read my blog -- thank you! And sorry I was so awkward LOL); I went to Glebe markets with my sister but didn't really find too much; spontaneously decided to go swimming at Olympic Park with Nick, then went to Norita to chill, Hurricanes for dinner (we shared a full rack of ribs, ordered the salt and pepper squid and two loaves of their herb bread) and Adriano Zumbo's dessert train for dinner (toasted ice cream sandwiches that I, surprisingly, thought were too sweet but Nick really enjoyed); went to school to return the 30 textbooks/books/shit I owed them, where I found the one of the kittens that live near the English cottage just sitting on their door mat... That's all I really remember.
Today we came back from our schoolies/beach house holiday at Patonga, and I'm already bored out of my mind. I don't even know how we managed to spend 4 days just playing Uno, bullshit and pool, eating sausages and bread for lunch and just playing drunk truth or dare and spin the bottle and dumb shit like that LOL. On the first day, we went exploring and on the way back, a fucking rock fell and hit me right on the head, and I bled so much so quickly (I could actually feel the blood trickling down my head and onto my forehead, how gross) and the graze or cut or whatever it is on my head was only like a centimetre long. The beach was fun though, cos we went exploring and we tried to catch the crabs that were hiding in the rocks, and we went to the beach at night and just sang/shouted songs and sat by the pier afterwards with the guys who went fishing. They were an insane 4 days, and even though I was sad at first because I was using the money I'd saved from CNY/my birthday this year to get a piercing, fuck that I'm so glad I went. NO REGRETZZZZZ. Otherwise I would've missed out seeing Andy drunk LOL.

I don't even know how I'm going to spend the rest of these 4 months, especially since I'm not even going overseas.
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Julie said...

Omg I think you spent your post HSC well..seems like so much fun!! Congrats on finishing school though..can't wait till I do!