Churros for two with dark and milk chocolate, latte, choc-banana sundae with churros, milk couverture hot chocolate, Adriano Zumbo's zumbarons, cappucino, caramel ice cream, tiramisu with white chocolate

Just a quick update about dessert two nights ago to celebrate my sister's birthday! We had dinner at Hurricanes and decided to walk down to San Churros after. Before dinner started, me and Nick literally ran down to Adriano Zumbo's pattiserie at the Star to buy some macarons as a small present for my sister, to accompany the Pillow Pet we bought her ... LOL. At San Churros, I ordered the hot chocolate which was so so so nice and frothy, ahh I love frothy hot chocolates, and it was nice and rich. If anything, it got a bit sweet near the end, but that wasn't even that bad. I didn't actually have much of the churros on the night, but Nick kept asking if I could pass him some from across the table.. LOL. I remember a few years ago, my sister's friends surprised her at our house for her birthday, and her friend (who was working at San Churros at the time) brought over all this chocolate and dough and made churros on the night. How cute! Anyway, I'm hoping to blog about dinner at Hurricanes and Hurlstone's 2012 trivia night (which was last night) very soon!


Xixia said...

Wow, these desserts look delicious. Especially that tiramisu - I can't believe it's made of white chocolate! Is the sweetness well balanced?

♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

Julie said...

Omg I am dying..the food all looks so scrumptious!!! Happy late birthday to your sister btw..hope she loved the pillow pet and macarons haha!