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 It's around the time of the year where everything seems to happen very quickly yet so slowly at the same time. Winter is finally over, and today's the first day of spring. Yay! And judging from what I put together on Polyvore, I think my spring/summer means details: soft, shiny hair, delicate lace bralets (not that you would really see them anyway..), silky floral prints, gold or rose-gold jewellery and sick-ass shoes. I loooove chunky, coloured ripple soles. The pair I found on Polyvore by Hiroshi Tsubouchi are the nicest I've ever seen, except for maybe the Prada creepers (I thought they looked completely ridiculous at first but now... words can't even.. Seriously, and they look so so good in every single colour.) And these Adidas Slvr cut-out oxfords are so, soooo perfect. I love that they're white on white, they look so pristine and light and clean. *__*

Formal and graduation after 13 years of schooling is in around 19 days. As much as I hate having to drag myself out of bed at 7am every weekday, I don't wanna leave school. EVER. :( In the past month, we've gone through trials, had Country Fair (and this year was actually worse than other years, tbh...), not been allowed to go Talent Quest, and I've been spending endless hours searching for a freakin' formal dress. Being me, incredibly indecisive and unorganised, I've managed to leave everything to the last minute.. But I found a tailor this week (a distant relative), and I'm hoping she'll be able to get the dress done in time. Fingers crosssed!

Oh yeah, feeling almost peer-pressured/motivated to eat healthier and exercising since my whole group is trying to get in shape for formal/summer, I've started working out again, yay! I don't even know how long this will last, but I did a 25 minute workout and a 30 minute one today. I REALLY HOPE THIS LASTS. But it seems almost pointless to start now, since HSC is coming up and I doubt I'd keep it up during STUVAC. I remember in PASS in year 9, Allen asked me how my ab workouts/exercises were going, meaning that I've been wanting to tone my stomach/abs/obliques since year 9. It's been THREE YEARS since then, and where have I gotten? Not far, but not nowhere. I'm honestly hoping that I can promise myself that yesterday was the start of my *real* journey towards getting a nice, toned stomach. Happy weekend, everyone!


maria. said...

Yes to the Prada creepers!! I've always been eyeing the asian branded ones that you can just get on Ebay~
Oh gosh, and graduation in just a few weeks ... So sad that we're leaving so soon, it feels like this year has gone way too fast. Wish I had the opportunity to really appreciate things :'( :'(

Goodluck with the formal dress girl!

Patricia said...

So I just happened upon your blog and I've got to say: a) your food photos are the best, and have made me super hungry; and b) those white cut out shoes are capital "G" Great. That's pretty much it. Also, best of luck with the HSC and stuvac, etc, etc, I remember the craziness of those days well!