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Monday (17/09)

Wednesday (19/09)

Thursday (20/09)

Very very delayed photo diary of our "fun week" at school, our graduation and formal.. It still doesn't feel like we've graduated, tbh, but looking through these photos makes me miss our grade so much and it's only been 10 days!

Anyway, Monday was supposed to be a "normal school day" with no class parties (Idk why),  so as a grade we came together in the art quad at lunch to have a quad party, and everyone brought food. We had class parties anyway, and since we had maths as our last period, our maths class celebrated being together for ~4 years and had an afterschool "surprise" party, which lasted for almost 2 hours, hehehe. On Tuesday, there was an excursion to Jamberoo except only 1/3 of the grade went. And I didn't. So I have no photos or anything. :(

On Wednesday, we had a breakfast at school, maintained the Hurlstone tradition of cross dressing and boarder-daygo touch! I remember the days before were frantic, trying to find someone with similar body shape to swap uniform? And I ended up borrowing a friend's year 11 brother's uniform LOL. It was such a fun fun day, and Simon and Victor even bought bras. The touch game was crazy, so proud of both our boarder and daygo teams! Everyone else who wasn't playing stood on the sides as cheer squads, and we even made signs and had face paint (i.e. oil paint LOL so hard to get off) and my new NYX lipstick got passed around so much it broke... AND THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I HAD USED IT LOL. But that's understandable, cos we were using it for lips, face and on clothing LOL. Such a fun day and the weather was so nice.

On Thursday we had our graduation and morning tea on Clarke House lawn, and Vivian gave out personalised messages and friendship bracelets to our whole group. Such a sweetie!! :')) Mocktails started at 4 and our buses to formal were leaving at 5, so knowing me I got there pretty late, at 4.45 when I was aiming for 4.15 LOL. The time getting ready was so hectic,  I didn't even put on my eyeliner properly (seriously, my everyday eyeliner was more than what I had at formal LOL) and my hair felt like shit and wasn't what I asked the woman at all (worst hairdressers ever, honestly...). Our group also got to formal late too, cos we had to stop at our apartment/hotel to drop off all our stuff for afterparty, so we just missed out on heaps of photos. The actual time at formal was actually pretty short, but there was a photobooth which was pretty cool, I wish I took more photos! :( Afterparty, though, was the besssszzzttt and I literally cried for like half the train ride home because I had to leave early LOL. I didn't end up sleeping till I got home (i.e. to Nick's house) at 7am LOL.. All the things  that were actually serious then, i.e. the risk of getting kicked out because we literally had 5x the people we were supposed to have, seem so funny now. Okay probably not funny, but so fun.. I remember we kept scaring ourselves thinking that someone was going to come up, so we'd all rush to find a hiding spot. OH and I remember how me, Nick, Yvy and Jacquie were the first to get there and Nick scared Yvy so badly she literally fell so her knees LOL. I remember getting myself some water from the other side of the bench in the kitchen, but I couldn't find any proper cups so I just had to refill a tiny shot glass heaps of times LOL. Oh and we played all that typical shit like 'I never' and truth or dare and shit. And when Nick took his pants off and Jason took his shirt off, so that when people turned on the lights to come into the room they could yell 'DON'T LOOK, WE'RE NAKED' LOL. Oh, and I remember sitting with Yvy and Kelvin on the balcony, watching the sun rise while most people were asleep... ANYWAY, I'M HOPING POST-HSC PARTIES WILL BE LIKE THIS.

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