Mini haul

Before the holidays ended, I was planning on posting all the stuff I'd bought into a haul post, cos they always looked fun to do. I don't really remember why I never did it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was because I always woke up so late in the holidays and felt that I had to study or do something productive since I'd wasted so much of the day. :( 

Anyway, judging from what I buy, I think I can safely conclude that around 90% of the things I buy are on sale. I've been spending so much recently, but overall I've actually saved around the same (if not, more) then what I've paid for. Pictured above: Don't Ask Amanda jumper, Mink Pink x Nasty Gal sequin hot pants (I actually don't even know when I would ever wear these.. ever. But the colours are so cute and considering how short they are, they're actually really warm), Insight culottes, Urge brown leather sandals and Rubi creepers (for only $5, but I accidentally broke them while I was at tutor. WHILE I WAS SITTING DOWN. I don't even know how lol). And not pictured above: the 5 colour Happy Socks, perfect black bowler bag (from the Iconic, forgot what brand) and new underwear. And everything I bought had been reduced, or full price but I had a code. Or both. LOL yay :D

Even though it's winter, it's been pretty sunny recently even though the air is still chilly and it's freezing indoors. I think my mind is just in spring/summer mode, I hate how cold it is in the mornings and at night. School started again this week, and my friends have been so kind to remind me that there are only around 40-something school days left. As much as I'm excited about post-HSC and uni, it'll kinda suck to leave high school. I'd have to pay for train tickets to go to uni everyday, and I'd have to write a resume and get a job and shit. And I'm also really lazy to even browse for dresses or think about what I'm going to wear at formal this year, urggggh. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! shoes are so cheap haha. Are there any left at this time around & from what shopping centre :) ?

Genevieve said...

They were from SDS in Westfields Sydney! When I bought them I'm pretty sure there were a couple left, not sure about sizes but the sales assistant didn't have to look long for my size 7!

Genevieve said...

Oops, I was talking about the sandals in that comment! But for the creepers, there were only 2 pairs left (38, 39) but I really don't know if they'd still be there - I bought them from Rubi in Liverpool Westfield!