Food adventure

Salted caramel and strawberry and lychee macarons from Coco Noir in Westfields Sydney 

Quick snack before brunch: a lemon tart from Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé, and quiche lorraine from the Becasse Bakery

From the Snag Stand: passionfruit and blood orange mineral water, amazing chips with wasabi mayo, chipotle mayo and fresh herb aioli; the Greek (with lamb, rosemary and oregano, fresh tomato, onion and olive salsa, crumbed feta and tzatziki); and the Wagyu beef with horseradish (with sauteed onions, spicy horseradish mayo and beetroot salsa) 

My future Lambo 

Amina, Julia and I outside Jamie's Italian (Sydney) *w*

From Ichiban Boshi: curry chicken katsu don, and yakisoba 

Oops, looks like I totally neglected my blog again.. Expect more of this in the upcoming months, probably until November 6th when I finally finish my HSC. :( Anyway, today me, Steph and Nick went to the city for a little 'food adventure', where we'd just splurge on whatever we wanted to eat or drink. I can already feel my future self crying and wondering where all my money went, but today was heaps of fun with a few, good surprises along the way. :) Initially, the whole plan for today was literally to explore the city in search for the perfect salted caramel macaron, which is seriously one of my faaavourites, but after lunch, me, Nick and Steph were way too full to even walk too much.. LOL. But for the record, the salted caramel macaron from Coco Nior was amazing, and so was the one from Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé (level 5 food court)! Salted caramel with a distinct bitterness, oooh man. I don't even like macarons that much so I don't even know what the texture is meant to be like, but they were so perfect and the filling was chewy (kind of), but in a nice way. Oh, and the macaron from Coco Nior had like a gold dusting on it! So pretty. :3 And I also tried the peanut butter macaron, drawn to it almost solely because it was a pretty pale bluey-green colour, and it actually tastes like a macaron version of Snickers.

We were also supposed to meet up with one of my sister's friends, and we'd have dinner at Jamie's Italian. I had even looked up the menu the night before to figure out what I would order (because I'm absolutely terrible at making decisions), and while we were waiting outside, Amina and Julia from Masterchef lined up right in front of us! Yes, I'm addicted to Masterchef, I make sure I catch up on whatever episodes I miss because of tutor/other commitments the night they were aired, have allocated myself time to chill out, stop studying and watch Masterchef, yeah yeah yeah.. hehe. Anyway, when I saw them I knew I absolutely HAD to get a photo, and later, we even saw Audra walk past into the restaurant. Ahhhhh it was so unexpected, best surprise ever! *w* But unfortunately, we had a two and a half hour wait just to get seated, so we decided to have dinner elsewhere (Ichiban Boshi in the Galleries), which wasn't too bad - cannot get enough of their melon soda, and their yakisoba is satisfying. :) Anyway, I am dead on my feet right now. And speaking of my feet, I bought new sandals (gasp- my first pair of shoes in I don't even remember how long that aren't black or white, that aren't boots, slip ons or heels. My feet haven't felt this naked in so long...) for $26 down from $90, woohoo! I'm so tired, it actually feels like I've just done a 4km cross country rather than just walk around in the city for a long long time.. LOL. Argh I really need to get myself into bed (and catch up on Masterchef, if I can stay awake), happy Thursday, everyone!


maria. said...

2.5 Hour wait?! Holy!
Everything looks so finger-licking good!
Good luck for HSC! Im doing it too! Is chem your last exam? :D

Genevieve said...

Aww, thanks Maria! Good luck for HSC and trails, and yep chem's the last one till freeeeeedom