Side effects

Already gone through a week back at school, and as Nicholas reminded me, only 29 more until we graduate, ahh. :( Already behind on work, too, which is why I'm hoping to get as little sleep as possible today since it's a weekend to catch up on everything.. Bought a new pencil case off Etsy because I was sick of my $2 red Staedtler one, decided that I should finally buy top coat nail polish since my nails are painted pretty much all the time, bought a notepad from Typo since our new school diaries are useless and tacky, changed the jewellery of my navel piercing to a plain gold bar, stocked up on some plum candy which is actually peach flavoured and has a picture of a peach on it and scored some sale items today, which ended up costing $20 all up. Swimming carnival is next week (MAN THE HARPOONS) and I'm going out to dinner on Monday with Nick and a couple of friends, yay!

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