End of freedom

Finally satisfying my Gloria Jeans craving, French toast, a big breakfast and vienna coffee at the Coffee Club, shells I collected from SYC, Minkpink leopard singlet (size XS, for sale), my cousin's film photos that he took from the NYE fireworks

95% of the times I go out now are for Maccas runs with Nick or when my cousin was in Sydney to get frappes or a soft serve and small fries. I've also developed a thing for whipped cream over these holidays. I used to hate it, but my sister's friends were decorating a cake and had a can of it, so I ate it with everything: strawberries, corn flakes (WORTH TRYING) and ice cream. And back before when I had a thing with Halo and played it every night, these holidays I moved from Halo on 360, to Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi on PS2 to Wii Sports on my cousin's Wii. And yes, I'm the type that would full give the avatars smack talk and yell at the tv and everything. I played for ages and my arm hurt the next day, LOL. Nick came back from two months overseas (woohoo) and we went out for breakfast at The Coffee Club in Liverpool. It was surprisingly nice for a place that was just in Westfields, and I went there again the next day with my sister and her friend. On the same day, me and my sister's friends played board games and Little Big Planet 2 till 4am.. but nooo, won't be able to do that any more since school resumes tomorrow. Which means 6.50am starts, rushed showers in the morning, doing my makeup on the bus. :(

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