Summer Youth Camp (SYC): 9th-13th January
Could not think of a better way to start the year (besides breaking like half of my new years resolutions, hah..) than with SYC. So so so so glad I decided to actually go, too, instead of stay home and study.. Brought my DSLR but wasn't bothered to use it, so I only took one photo for the whole 5 days; but made up for it with heaps and heaps of Polaroids. :) Highlights of SYC: coming late to breakfast every morning, Lawrence getting bitten by a shark, Bubble Pop!, night activities, Martin Garcia's talks, supper which came to be known as noodle time, TONYZZZ, amazing amount of Hurlstone pride, heaps of Polaroids, Nikkida chasing after the film protector cos she thought it was a photo LOL, Twilight: the Musical, eshayz, easy there tiger, pool Gladiators, me gusta, water bomb skirmish: youth vs. leaders, meeting new people and making closer friendships (as gay as this sounds but I'm so grateful :D), Tony singing 'Pricetag', late night DNMs, Nikkida's shampoo smelling like sour Coke bottles, abseiling, going to the beach and seeing dolphins (!!!), drawing on Bun's face when he fell asleep on the ride home and a group of 20 of us going to Pho Viet once we came home to Cabramatta.

SJPPS class of 2006 reunion: 17th January
A couple of my primary school friends (20 ended up coming, in total) decided to meet up at Black Muscat Park in Chipping Norton to catch up and have a bbq. It was so so so nice to see everyone again after (for the people I don't see at tutor) 6 years. :') Such a good day, or half-day since I left at around 4-ish. So good to see and talk to people again, ahhhh I'm so grateful for Kelly organising.. I only brought my Polaroid, but didn't end up taking any photos. :( Hoping to meet up sometime again, whether it's next week or after HSC, hehehe.

ANYWAY, chemistry is calling and I have a whole load of work to do. :(

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