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I thought it'd be cool if I could have 12 resolutions for 2012, but mine is more like a 'things to do before 2013' list rather than actual resolutions.. this is what I typed on my laptop as procrastination:
  1. Learn to skate (this is solely so I don't have to walk to bus stops.. LOL)
  2. Get my Ls 
  3. Work out mad abs 
  4. Learn how to make crème brûlée
  5. Start blog shop and sell shit 
  6. Save up for either: laptop/Mac/camera/lens 
  7. Eat healthier: drink more water, cut out on snack foods and excess salt, sugar and fats 
  8. Study hard: at least 1.5 hours every day 
  9. Keep up with people's birthdays
Doubt that this will even last until the end of January and only realising now that half of them are really vague (and dumb.. seriously, 'work out mad abs' what does that even mean LOL), but yeeeahh lets see how this goes. 

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Erin W. said...

At least when you say "work out mad abs" it makes it sound sooo much better than "stop being so damn lazy" (which is usually my version). Great resolutions - good luck! x E.