Swimming carnival 2012

As sad as I am that this will be my last Hurlstone swimming carnival ever, ahhh it was such an amazing day. Love love love the Hurlstone spirit and unity of our school at events like this. :') Almost half of the entire grade flooded Liverpool Westfields on the Wednesday before (woohoo for no sport) to buy things for their costumes and anything in their house colours... Pretty last minute, but I'm so glad pretty much everyone was in costume or at least in house colours! It was only on 2-3am of Wednesday when I got really, really hyped for swimming carnival and browsed costumes from 'The Little Mermaid's Ursulla, turtles, pets in animal costumes, whatever LOL. Ended up deciding to dress up as a shark, so I just made a shark hood/hat on Wednesday. Took me ages but it was worth it. :D Cut the hood off a hoodie (it was furry inside, ahh so nice), used staples instead of a needle and thread to save time and had to shove in a layer of foam inside for shape LOL. On the actual day of swimming carnival it was raining, but I'm kinda glad it did cos it added so much to the carnival (i.e. we danced in the rain and then proceeded to dance in the pool afterwards haha). Was nice to see so much effort put into costumes: Vivian's fire truck and Christie's fire hydrant, Jamie's Wentworth whale (which was ditched on the floor pretty early in the morning LOL), Simon Banh as Goku from DBZ, Mitchell as a white pedo van, Anh and Tracey as flowers, Clement as Harvey Dent.. Omg, all in all a really wonderful day, can't wait for finals night next Thursday!!!

2012 Swimming Carnival themes: Wentworth Wilderness; Farrer Enforcers, Lachlyn Macquarie Marvel, Macarthur Marine

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