Sweet freedom

Clothing racks from a couple of random, independent stores with (I'm assuming self-made) goods, where I found the most amazing gold sequinned cropped shirt ($195, hah), celebratory ebi tempura udon from Sushi Bay on Thursday, sister's pesto pasta (forgot where from), 'haute dogs' from the Snag Stand, macarons from Via Del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé. Went to Westfields Sydney with my sister for lunch and some shopping. Throughout the day I passed a lot of cafes and restaurants, but with dark dark dark lighting, I couldn't get any good snaps. :( All in all, a good way to spend the day; we're planning to have a day, probably with Nick as well, devoted to exploring restaurants in Sydney and splurging on food. Ahhh, goodbye to a hot beach body. :$

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