Skeleton fresh

NYX powder blush in Mauve, One Teaspoon shorts, Sportsgirl Nail It! in Fresh and Skeleton.

Couple of things I've bought recently! Actually bought this blush a while ago but never used it but the shade is really lovely. It's pretty subtle.. and yeah, I took that second photo without realising how much dust had accumulated. Bought those shorts only today (I said I was going to buy something for myself, heh) and loving how summery and casual they look! Was contemplating the maroon ones as well, but stuck with the camel ones. Bought these nail polishes from Sportsgirl right after exams and painted my hands different colours and oh man, I looooove them. Yay for no more assessments!

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A. said...

Love the colours of the nail polish you got from sportsgirl! I need to myself some!