Wendy's chiffon maxi, agedashi tofu and prawn gyoza from Ramen Kan

Yesterday, my wonderful friend Nicholas has organised for a whole group of us to watch 'As You Like It' at the Belvior theatre! It was such a good performance with the sweetest ending (and fittest actors, oh man...), and I had fun chillin' with Vanessa, Angela and Jason afterwards. Which basically involved walking around in the same general area, CLOSE to restaurants but not entering them, for around half an hour looking for a restaurant to eat at. Finally ended up in Ramen Kan, a cosy Japanese restaurant that Nick has taken me to once or twice, but it wasn't as good as I remembered it to be. :( Oh well. On the train ride home, me, Liza and Vanessa took terrible photos on Angela's iPad, which literally had me crying with laughter. This made my corner lashes uncurl. :( Came home to a quiet night at home since my brother and sister were out, and realised that my two envelope clutches from eBay had come in! Good start to the holidays, yay! :D

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