Sequins and cut out

Totally and completely in love with black and gold sequined everything right now. And cut out. A few things I'd want to add (if I could find nicer pictures): gold sequin shorts. Oh man. Except half the time, the sequinned shorts are more like sequinned hot pants, ie. heaps of dirties if I ever wore them out.I realised that I haven't mentioned this earlier, but ze boyfriend left for a family trip to China/Asia around 2 weeks ago and won't be back till late January... :( Assessments finished on Thursday though, hooray! Celebrated with a trip to Parramatta Westfields but didn't end up buying anything besides two nail polishes (that I am absolutely in love with, heh). Found an amazing pair of shorts but still contemplating whether or not I should get them, since they're super short and are pretty much the equivalent of extra nice, highwaisted underwear that's not underwear. I'm even tempted to buy American Apparel's infamous disco shorts. WHY DO I WANT SUCH DAMN SHORT SHORTS!! Had presentation night tonight for topping PE, but really really sad because I'll be dropping it next week; this decision has really, really torn me. :( So maybe that's a good enough reason why I should buy something for myself tomorrow when I go city? I think so.

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