For those who don't know, I love surprises and surprising people but half the time I actually try to surprise people, they see through me and it doesn't work. :( Like this one time, I tried to surprise Nick by visiting him at home, and I bought these cool 'crazy cores' Skittles so that we could share them and be all cute and that, but when I called him to see if he was even awake, he SOMEHOW figured out that I was outside his house cos apparently the traffic was really loud and yeah, he caught me. Anyway, so it's pretty cool when my surprises actually work, hehehehe. It'll be new years eve tomorrow, and I don't even know what my plans are. Hope everyone has fun celebrating!

(Okay, basically: one of my surprises worked, wooo hope you had a nice Christmas, Sidekick Sandy i.e. Vivian, LOL)

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