Hold up holed up

Wearing: leopard skirt, eBay clutch and friendship bracelet, lace bustier (for sale - size 6, $35 negotiable, contact: genevieve.in@gmail.com if interested), ice cream sundae with pistachios, peanuts and strawberries, salad my sister made, new socks from Rubi, Lindt macarons (for Wendy)

Good job, Genevieve, go ahead and spend all your money right before any sort of Christmas or Boxing Day sale so that now you are in around $150 in debt and still need to put together two Christmas presents, three birthday presents and a welcome home present. Good. Should probably get that blog shop up and running, but I'm so damn lazy to take photos of everything. WHYYYY.

I also changed my Facebook and Bloglovin' passwords and signed out of Twitter on my phone, so basically I've cut myself from social networking sites and won't be able to stay as updated with blogs.. My Christmas was spent chillin' at home, hiding from the heat, while typing up dot points and eating Burger Rings. I also lost my stupid USB, so all the work I did last holidays and during the term so that I wouldn't have to do it now.. yeah, that's all gone.

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