Photo diary

ACCESS youth, inside Sydney Entertainment Centre, karaage set and melon soda with ice cream from Ichiban Boshi, polaroids I keep in my wallet, charcoal sketch of the Birth of Venus (unfinished at that point), Stephen's strawberry shortcake, fresh strawberries, Spaces magazine

Unfortunately didn't take as many photos as I wanted to today, especially since I had so much fun! Almost all of the few photos which were taken at RICE turned out to be blurred, since I'm terrible at taking photos in bad lighting.. how embarrassing. Huge apologies for the graininess of the photos from yesterday. :(It's been a wonderful yet terrible week in so many ways. Incredibly busy, I had my final exam at Peak, PE assessment on Thursday and two artworks (yes, my teacher cut it down to 2 cos no one had finished the 3rd/started the 4th) due on Friday.. Relying on a total of 5 cans of V to keep me up at night, I managed to (pretty much) finish my art sketch a little more than 2 nights, and I don't even hate it, lol.

I also may have found a dress for informal, coming up in a little over a month from now! Completely different to what I had planned and imagined I'd wear, and still unsure whether or not I should actually buy it, since I never wear stuff like that.. Well, I guess there's a first for everything, hehe and hopefully I don't feel awkward in it or anything! I've shown almost everyone I talk to, which sucks cos then it's not a surprise anymore. :( I've even shown people I don't even talk to that much, surprise gone. Wah. :(

RICE Rally 2011 was today and I had so much fun! Could not make it in time for Pancakes on the Rocks with some Access kids as a pre-RICE outing, but revisited Ichiban Boshi with Nick before RICE and finally (after months of putting it off) bought Spaces magazine by Frankie! Can't wait to get through it! :) Seriously, RICE is probably one of the events where I know I'll be happy after, and I'll come home and end up staying up super late cos I wouldn't want my day to end. Although the actual event felt surprisingly shorter than previous years and I'm sad that there was no RICE Fever this year, the train ride home and just getting a lot closer to the youths at Access made my day. :D Had fun pegging people with Nicky and Alec, playing word games on Nikkida's iPhone and trying to figure out that whole 'This is a very simple game' crap for the majority of the train ride home (we all couldn't figure it out, so Jenny whispered it to Andy, who explained it to Dom in Vietnamese, who then typed up a clue on his phone and accidentally dropped his phone. That I happened to catch. And read the message by accident), while snacking on Jenny's sweaty snake lollies.. LOL


lolizzie said...

You sketched that babe?
You are amazingly talented omg omg! I love it great job!!! :D

Genevieve said...

Aww, thanks Lizzie, yes I did. :D I saw all the other ones in class today and they are incredible, especially your cousin's. :))