The Amazing Race and Birthday Celebrations

Hooray for the weekends! These past two days (especially today) have got to be the most stressful I've had in a long long time.. Failed my tutor exam this morning, screwed up all the easy questions and have no idea about the rest. Uh to be honest, I only really started thinking and planning for Country Fair's Amazing Race yesterday... Which is why I apologise once again for all the screw ups and major major time delay. Huge apology to Danica and Vivian for writing the numbers incorrectly on one of the clues, screwing up their journey! :(

I don't know if I've even mentioned this but a long long time ago, I thought of the idea of organising/hosting a scavenger hunt/amazing race for my group, to be held at Country Fair (which is an annual fair held on the last Saturday of August at my school)? Even though like all the preparations I ever do for anything, it was last minute, I swear I still put a lot of effort into it! And since I had to keep it secretive before, hehe, would just like to mention that: when I said I was going to test a cookie recipe on Twitter, it was for fortune cookies which turned out terrible. When I was eating fortune cookies the other day at school, I was actually checking out their shape. When I went to the art rooms on Friday, it was to prepare the fortune cookies for CF's AR. Yes, I put a lot of effort into the fortune cookies, LOL. When I stayed back after school on Friday, it was to check out the whole school for any hiding places and to think about whether my ideas would really work or not.

For those who were wondering, since I'm actually really proud of this cos I thought up of it myself, for the clue that I was meant to text some people (to go to the cottage) actually went like this: It has been 19 years since Harry, Ron and Hermione first met, and over the years they have watched each other grow. Today, two of them will be getting married. They have decided to set their wedding outdoors, with a well-maintained lawn and evergreen bushes. The flowers will be blossoming, bells ringing, the bride's hair glistening in the brilliant sunlight as she walks down the brick aisle. One of the groom's older brothers is running late, but luckily, lives close-by the wedding, with his wife. But wait, they're not the only ones late - why aren't you at the wedding yet? Meet the groom's brother and his wife at their home so you can leave together!

Once I actually got the Amazing Race, time went by so quickly! Yes, I spent around an hour and a half longer than what I thought I would, and people had to leave. :( And yes, even though I took so long, I still had mistakes here and there.. but I'm incredibly thankful for all of you contestants for looking over my mistakes and making the best of everything, by making compromises and co-operating, by waiting and being patient. :) Huge thank you to Nick for putting up with my crap when I'm stressed, trimming off some of the clues, minding my bag while I frantically ran around the school hiding clues, for not participating, even though I knew you were pretty excited for it, for everything you did this afternoon. As host, I'd like to also thank everyone who lent me a locker key: Vanessa/Vivian, Julia, Nicholas, Lawrence, Mitchell and Amannda. Thank you for those who shouted me dinner at TK Something for Mitchell and Nicholas' joint birthday!

While the amazing race actually took place, I had a bit of time to get some food, so I quickly bought a Magnum ice cream , can of Sprite and bottle of orange juice for $1 each, score! Probably one of the best things about Country Fair is how incredibly cheap the ice cream always is, LOL. Would also like to congratulate Wendy, Michelle, Margaret and Christie for finishing first! Even though it was kinda rigged cos I wasn't even hiding yet, uh.. lol. After the amazing race finished, a few of us sat at one of the benches, and we took heaps of polaroids. I love how cheerful everyone was, and how you can really see that in these photos. Wonderful wonderful afternoon, really..

Took me a while to get to Mitchell's and Nicholas', especially since it was a pretty spontaneous decision. Once we actually got there, I don't even know how much I ate but I want more creme brulee, even though at the time I was feeling so disgustingly bloated, LOL. :D Had a fun night with everyone, haven't had a big outing with this group of people in such a long time! Had fun taking photos outside the restaurant, then went to Lisa's house until my dad picked me up. :) Overall, I had a wonderful wonderful day. All the comments I get on Facebook and Twitter literally have me giggling to myself, and it really means so much guys. Really, I love you all. /end cheesy talk LOL.


lolizzie said...

gosh you guys are so cute! ^^
looks like heaps of fun!
and kenny.. omg what a funny one HAAHA x

Genevieve said...

Hehe, it was a good day! ^^ So happy that the photos really captured the mood after dinner!

MC said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! :) I just saw your blog recently. I like it. Haha. :)

Genevieve said...

Aw, thanks for the follow!