Sister's gifted cupcakes from Ghermez cupcakes, flowers and mint growing in the garden, yay made a gif, excuse the bad quality..

This is the part where I apologise to followers for disappearing for around two weeks - I'm already two-thirds through my prelim exams and haven't come out of any of them feeling confident.

Wonderful spring weather is starting to kick in. Came 3rd in my division at the art exhibition at Country Fair. Handed in my prefect nomination form and had voted for 2012 prefects already too. Thought I lost the CF card till just a few moments ago. Been crying and studying all day. Ensuring that I replenish my stock of junk food in my room a couple of times a week. Saw this post on Poppytalk and made one for Nick, except bigger and shoved a Polaroid on the front. Incredibly confused as to whether I should keep art next year or take up 4u maths. Missed going to high tea and the Little Snail for my sister's birthday celebrations. My informal dress has come in, except now I want to completely change my outfit. Really, really want to change it, to something that I had in mind ages ago that would suit me so much better. But informal is next Thursday so shipping won't come in time. Haven't gone to Access for the past three weeks, but hoping to come back on Friday. On the other hand, I've met more people from going to the library. Would kill to go shopping right now. Obviously I could easily do just that online but when you realise that they don't even make it in your size at all.. Argh. Oh, but did I mention that I bought VIP standing tickets for the kpop music festival 2011 on November the 12th?


Mani said...

Oh my gosh the cupcakes are making me hungry :0 The accordion book's cute btw, I want to try making one now!

Genevieve said...

They're really easy to make! And I think they'd look nice with cushioned fabric covers, hehe. :D